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How to Be Fabulous During Pregnancy


Finding out you’re pregnant is an exciting moment in life. In that moment you know that your life will forever be enhanced by a new little being, and you can begin to celebrate the news with family and friends.

However, being pregnant also comes with its share of difficulties. Although every last second is well worth any struggle, you may have moments when feel like less than your excellent and fabulous self.

The important thing is to maintain as much of your normal life as possible. This may mean continuing to work in your current position, keeping up with your normal activities and staying in touch with your loved ones in the same way you tend to do.

Staying fabulous not only relates to your lifestyle, but your appearance and activities. In fact, being pregnant can be a great opportunity to become extra-amazing.

Feel Great

There’s no better way to have a happy, healthy and overall fabulous pregnancy than to feel your best. All health factors come into play here, from diet to exercise to getting enough sleep.

Make sure to eat a healthy range of colourful fruits and vegetables, and take the time to prepare meals that offer you a nutritious balance. Serve yourself a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates, dark leafy greens and calcium-rich dairy products.

Engage in light exercise throughout your pregnancy; from a leisurely morning or evening stroll to aqua aerobics, your pregnancy glow will be at an all-time dazzling high if you stay moving. If you’re especially fit, you can still engage in heart-pumping routines as long as you stay away from sports like horseback riding, which could result in a fall. As with any fitness routine, be sure to consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning a new one during pregnancy.

Allow yourself extra time for quality sleep. This may mean arriving to the office a bit later, or cancelling your afternoon activities in order to take a much-needed nap. During pregnancy fatigue is normal, and is actually your body’s way of asking for more rest.

Look Great

While in the past pregnant women had very few choices in the way of maternity clothing, today’s mother-to-be has a variety of options. Splurge on a few gorgeous maternity fashion items. You can round out your maternity wardrobe with neutral basics that will work on a variety of occasions.

To complement your maternity fashion, be sure to have your hair cut and styled regularly. You can also visit a Spa for a lavish facial, which feels great during this special time of life, or schedule a luxurious massage. Just be sure your Spa therapist is knowledgeable about massage during pregnancy. While at the Spa, you may want to have a manicure and pedicure to complete your look.

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Reduce Stress

Be sure to spend as much time as possible with family and friends, and reduce your work load when necessary. You can also keep a journal where you are able to share your most intimate feelings and fears about becoming a parent. Try to stay in touch with your emotions and know when to ask for help if needed.

Anita Whaley is a mother of two, and an expert on pregnancy and nursing. She enjoys shopping, writing and spending time in the mountains with her family. She is also a writer for Crave Maternity, where you can find a variety of elegant maternity fashion pieces for a fabulous pregnancy.