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How To Use Carpets To Decorate A New Home?

floors with carpets

Floor coverings are as important in creating good homes as shoes are in outshining any well-attired outfit. After all, just as you wouldn’t dream of stepping out of your house wearing your best outfit, barefooted, the same principle applies to rugs as well.

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Once any carpet is laid in harmony with a space, it can become an instant game-changer in the way the room looks and feels. This post is for you to learn the wonders of dressing up your floors with carpets and enjoy decking up your new home.

Liven up the pathways.

The best way to give the entrance to your home a come-hither look is by livening up the hallways. A good rug can make an immediate visual statement, that will draw the eyes of the onlooker to any connecting room. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, it can be fun to incorporate a cohesive scheme that will flow into the other rooms seamlessly.

Add texture with wall hangings.

Good carpets are a work of art in their own right, and if you have one you dare not tread on, maybe you can consider using it to decorate a wall. Not only will they make an instant visual impact, they will act to absorb any disturbing sounds which may emanate from the adjoining room. If you don’t have one there are plenty of innovative rug designs available in the market for you to hang on the walls and enjoy their glory.

Provide statement to the living room

good handmade carpet

To begin your task, plan according to the room. For the perfect living room you will need to lay a good handmade carpet of the exact size of the surface you want to cover. You also have to choose the right color combination that will go with your interiors. The carpet should be large enough to cover the maximum area of the living room.

Create a comfort zone in the bedroom

A bedroom is one area where you will be spending almost a third of your lifetime, so it is imperative that it is at its best whenever you enter it. A medium size carpet will fit the bill for the bedroom. It can be laid in such a way that a quarter of it lies under the bed and the remaining outside on  the bedroom floor. An additional small  size rug can also be placed besides your bed as per choice.

Lend perfection to the dining room.

There are two ways in which you can use carpets to liven up the dining room. The first is to use a handmade runner and place it under the centre of the dining table, while the second option is to lay a large wool area rug on the entire surface, which doesn’t fold when chairs are pulled back and forth.

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When you are decorating a new home, you need to put some thought and ideas into getting the layout right for each room. Not only is the transformation instant, there is an additional bonus of immediate gratification.