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SEO in the time of pandemic: Which are the most profitable industries during COVID 19?

The whole new coronavirus situation has been going for some time now. During these challenging times, industries and companies need to change and adapt or suffer the worst. Undoubtedly, the actual pandemic is a test of unprecedented magnitude for our global economy. Shops close every day, people are losing their jobs, companies stagnate, and new startups file for bankruptcy.

Given all this, many entrepreneurs are cutting costs left and right, especially in the advertising department, and that includes SEO and other marketing online practices. But is this really the right thing to do? It is a question that needs answering to, as the budget for promotion is usually the first one to get cut off the list.

From a savings point of view, it seems only fair to stop all SEO activity for the moment, along with other online marketing techniques and campaigns. These appear to be leaking money and do not hinder business activities in any way. On the other hand, this decision may bring about a big downfall very shortly. Let’s find out why:

First of all, if you put a halt to the SEO activity, the website will start losing its presence in the online medium. In other words, your decision may lead to a significant loss in the long run. More than this, it will also lead to a decline in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) positions, generating less and less organic traffic as time passes on. Furthermore, new Google algorithms, online protocols, and even browser updates could lead to incompatibility issues and technical difficulties, which is a real nightmare for any business.


Secondly, as social distancing and other prevention methods start to take over our lives, e-commerce will become the main channel for shopping – on a global scale! As this happens, the competition will adapt and improvise new techniques. Those who are not up to the challenge will slowly disappear, leaving space for online companies and marketers who have been investing in SEO from the get-go.

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As this short period under the pandemic showed us, companies all over the world, ranging from small to medium, need to keep up with the latest online trends and continue to invest in services such as SEO and other online marketing tactics. As it turns out, during the time of COVID-19, SEO will become one of the leading online marketing techniques, as the consumer starts migrating to full online services. It is also true for new products and services that appear on the market. The most convenient way to introduce them to your old and new customers will take place in the online medium.

For example, Google Trends recorded huge growth in interest for multiple keywords, as measured in the pandemic interval, as opposed to last year’s search trends. This involves multiple niches that were not the focus of online consumers before the whole corona crisis took over. Let’s run a quick check on those:

  • Home appliance industry (keywords: steam cleaner, bread machine);
  • Health&Care industry (keywords: stepper, springboard, indoor bike, dumbbells, etc);
  • Pharmaceutics (keywords: online drugstore, paracetamol, alcohol, face masks, hand disinfectant, etc);
  • Cleaning products (keywords: mop, chlorine, surface disinfectants);
  • Personal care&hygiene (hand soap, face mask, hair dye);
  • Creative and educational (keywords: puzzle, magnetic board, online bookstore, painting sets).