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Some of My Favourite Games From Childhood

Favourite Childhood Games

Ah, childhood! Before technology took control, selecting the crayon’s colour was the primary concern in the good old days. Oh, those choices! How gullible were we? And just how easy was life? While cursing the homework, we played in the mud and watched our favourite cartoons on TV. The best days of our lives can be summed up in that manner.

One can enjoy nostalgia at any age since it is lovely.

While we’re on the topic when was the most recent time you played a game? It has probably been a very long time… Let’s pretend we’re going back in time and thinking about the games we used to play. If thinking about your past brings up uncomfortable memories for you, you might get in touch with your buddies.

Puzzle game

I adore puzzle-solving video games. I enjoyed playing various games, including “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” and “100 to 1000 Puzzle Pieces.” I like to play these kinds of games because they help me improve my ability to think strategically. My research led me to realise that, similar to a jigsaw puzzle, every topic, thought, scenario, and event, among other things, is interconnected with something else. Making mistakes, figuring out how to correct them, connecting the dots, and then putting everything together was the most effective way for me to learn new things. You will locate and establish connections in your thoughts comparable to those you would create in real life as a result of playing the game since it helps you do so.

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Every one of the students in our class had brought in games that I used to like playing when I was younger. Some are brand-new and have never been heard before, while others are songs that I’ve played in the past but have improvised a new version of since then. I can only say that participating in gaming activities in any setting fosters the joy of “playing.”


My second favourite game was playing a card game called “colours.” After the deck has been shuffled and put out, one card will be placed in the middle of the table with the face-up. Each player is required to select a card from the shuffled deck and then pick up cards until the colour of the card now facing up on the table is matched. After then, he is obligated to select a new colour for the player that comes after him. The game’s goal is to reach the point where you have no cards in your hands after all the shuffled cards have been collected.

Because you had to use logic, memorise how many identical cards were still in play, and figure out what your opponent’s “weak” card was. The most significant part was that it contained a surprise element; the game was fantastic for me. I thought the most excellent factor was that it included a surprise element. You had no idea what kind of card you would get in the mail. In addition, it taught me patience and how to treat other people with respect, and it was a game that my family and I enjoyed playing together. After reading other people’s replies, I’ve concluded that most games taught us about working together and being creative.


The third place on my list of all-time favourite games is dodgeball. Because it was more challenging for me than the other games, I loved playing it. As a competitor would, I wanted to prove that I was the best player among my buddies. It is an excellent form of exercise that helps improve flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and the rate at which reflexes are triggered. Additionally, it is a great deal of pleasure. The game’s goal is to eliminate the opposing team by either catching a throw made by them or scoring a point by striking them with a ball. You need to keep your cool if you want to attack opposing players while avoiding getting hurt yourself successfully. Even though each round lasts only two minutes, playing several games at a high intensity will provide you with excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Instructive board game

I used to like playing an instructive board game with my family. It was fun since the solution to the problem you had to complete at the end of each trial was always included in the package. It was irrelevant whether or not you were successful. You may give it another shot by starting from the very beginning again. It was helpful to engage in repetitive activities that required a more active and independent learning style, such as counting, calculating, and reading.

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As I read through the entries of my classmates, I was encouraged to see how many different types of play and gaming they had participated in, such as playing inside versus playing outside, with a family versus friends, with a variety of materials, with a variety of games, with a variety of hobbies, and so on. This demonstrates how video games may accommodate a diverse range of instructional approaches. It offers various chances to encourage children and people of any age to take an interest in learning.

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I had many board games when I was younger, and I enjoyed playing them. I enjoy playing with my friends, and I believe that they have aided in my ability to think critically and identify problems and answers. I also learned to embrace failure and to experience success and goals. I liked them most for the social aspects: I enjoyed playing with my friends and having fun with them.