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Special Paints: Collection of Superb Colours

cromas special paints

Special paints are the collection of paints which protects the constructions or the coated surface. It prevents rust from all kinds of dust accumulation and also rusts. Sometimes paint is applied to the wooden layers to prevent the texture of the colour to get lost. It also prevents the wood from drying out in the hot sun. Special paints contain a mix of strong painting materials which can make your objects stay great at the quality.

Quality Matters

Another quality which special paint does is that it prevents the wood from drying out from its actual texture. The paint also allows prevention of rusting. There are different kinds of paint which hold various uses. Oil paints use white lead as one of the base that applies in three coats: primer, undercoat and the finish coating. Enamel painting is another paint which produces different kinds of undercoat adding zinc and lead to varnish the surface.

Cromas-specialized Experts

Cromas is a company working with specialized experts who specializes in special paints. These collections of special paints are quite in demand among the people in the industrial and marketing sector. The use of this is greatly used in design-contract furniture so that the colour does not face any kind of colour texture. These paints intend to keep up with the piece of furniture.

cromas special paints and resins

Pigmentation for Adhesion

Fillers are the special type of pigmentation which is good for adhesion. It is quite durable and washable. The special paint is good for ideal use and it is especially in institutions like schools, large institutions and hospitals. The world of interior designing also favors using special painting with designs and decorations. The industrial market uses metallic effect on the paints. The Cromas paints cover the silver chromatic effect finishing the mirror effect.

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Professional and Epoxy Casting

Cromas Paints develop in manufacturing quality paint and epoxy casting professional resins, commercial, artisan and industrial uses. The result is the development of painting effects suiting for the variety of surfaces along with products. The painting can be applied upon the surfaces having the same finishes. The paintings for the main industries include architecture, commercial as well as industrial products, interior design and furnishings, marine and yachts, automotive and motorcycle.

Draws Mimic Appearance

Cromas special effect paints draw mimic appearance with the well-known surfaces like Chrome or Rust with easier as well as faster application. The set of unique shades give rise to rust colours that recreate on metal plating. The company understands the needs of the designers, architects as well as creates the solution to paint with special properties. Cromas is a company locating outside of Milan, Italy. We specialize in manufacturing, production and sales of the special paints and its effects. The paints and resins design professional, commercial along with the artisans.


The company professionals provide solutions to designs, architects along with planners supporting the developmental laboratory. Our team of professionals is available for the customers with the best and perfect solution to painting your chosen area. The finishes of the paint ask for more in choice.

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