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The Benefits of Technology in Schools

benefits of technology in schools

When you look at how fast technology is developing, you will understand why it is incredibly beneficial to incorporate technology into education.

Nearly all industries rely on technology in one way or another, so using it from a young age will offer many advantages to children.

Technology has had a positive impact on schools all over the world and most schools across the UK have embraced the use of technology in their classrooms. This includes using smartboards to make class learning more interactive and using computers and tablets to help individual students explore online learning. Many schools are also encouraging older students to write school blogs and create videos and podcasts.

To learn more about the huge number of benefits that technology brings to schools, here are some interesting facts from an independent school in London

Technology helps to make learning fun

Traditional teaching methods, such as textbooks, chalkboards, pencils and paper are still great ways to learn, but using them daily can get a little boring for children. Technology offers new fun and engaging ways to learn, using various gadgets, games and videos. Using technology in the classroom not only encourages active participation, but it also caters to many different learning styles.

Technology improves memory

Technology can be used to help children remember more information. This is because when learning becomes fun, children are more likely to absorb the information. In addition, technology often uses the practice of micro learning. This is where information is broken down into smaller chunks to keep children focused and engaged.

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Technology encourages self-learning

Using technology in the classroom allows children to learn at their own pace. For example, if they are watching an online video they can pause to take notes; or if they are using an educational app they can save their progress and come back to it at a later date. These teaching methods encourage children to learn independently, which is a great life skill.

Technology prepares children for the future

There is no doubt that the future will be a digital world, where all industries will rely on technology. This is why using technology at school is crucial for your child’s future success. These skills will not only help them academically, but students will be able to add them to their CV to impress potential employers.

Technology offers instant information

The internet is such an incredible learning tool for students because it gives them instant access to a world of information. The internet allows children to continue their research way beyond any textbook and this helps to increase their thirst for knowledge and develop a love of learning.

Technology allows remote learning

Using technology teachers are able to send school work to students digitally and interact with children online. This has been particularly important during the coronavirus pandemic where children in many countries had to adapt to home schooling. Teachers can video call and set homework; and students can take online quizzes, watch educational videos and even submit digital artwork.

Technology enhances computational thinking

Many schools are teaching children how to code. This is a very valuable learning activity because coding develops creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills. With coding, children learn to spot a problem and then break it down into smaller pieces in order to solve it effectively. This is called decomposition, which is a key skill for required for computational thinking.

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So as you can see technology helps children to become more creative, independent and engaged with their schoolwork, and offers a huge number of benefits to their education and future success.