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Top 5 Style Accessories for Men

fashion accessories

Never before have men been more conscious about their sense of style and appearance. Fashion for men as well as cosmetic products aimed at the gender have both never enjoyed such levels of popularity or publicity. One of the biggest changes in relation to men and fashion in recent years has been attitudes towards accessories. As recently as 10 – 15 years ago, men who took their concern over the detail of their appearance as far as choosing accessories would be mocked and the target for many jibes.

However, today, the man who doesn’t take the time to think about what he’s wearing down to the last detail will struggle to be taken seriously. With that in mind, here are the five fashion accessories that every man should own.

A Nice Watch

Okay, so the word ‘nice’ isn’t particularly exciting, but you probably already know that the reason many people don’t wear a watch is because they can’t afford an expensive one.

fashion accessories

We understand that line of thinking, to a degree, but the reality of life is that not everyone is going to be able to wear a piece by Tag Heuer or Breitling. There’s nothing to stop you choosing an expensive-looking watch. Go for something with a quality leather strap, or metal links, and you’ll struggle to go far wrong.

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Forget worrying about whether aviators or another style is best for this season; as long as you’re invested in a great brand, you’re going to look good in your sunglasses. While Ray Ban and Oakley are far and away the market leaders, you can actually find stylish sunglasses in fashion stores, that will give you everything you want in terms of protection and style. The only thing you’ll be lacking is the brand name, so it’s up to you to decide how important branding is to you and your personal sense of style.

Men tend to avoid jewellery, but there’s no reason for them to be doing so anymore. Forget about the cheap and cheerful rings you can pick up in the store, and ditch tacky gold and silver pieces that say your name or make out a pattern. Instead, go for a ‘new age’ type of product, like a tungsten ring, for example, that will both stand out and add something unique to your appearance.

Finding a Hat

All men should own at least two or three hats. The problem with these accessories is that it is too easy to fall into buying them for functional reasons rather than style. Yes, you want a winter hat to keep you warm and a summer hat to stop you getting sunburn, but that doesn’t mean how you look should go completely out of the window. Grab a beanie, a fedora, and a panama hat, but make sure it looks as brilliant as the job it does.

Silk Scarves

If there’s an underrated fashion accessory for men, then it’s definitely the scarf. It doesn’t have to be silk, but the softer the better, and it doesn’t have to just be worn when it’s cold, either. On a cold yet sunny winter day, there’s no better look to build than the scarf with sunglasses get up!

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Men; if accessories aren’t part of your fashion thinking, they need to be, effective immediately. Don’t let yourself down by getting careless and not adding the finishing touches to all of your outfits.