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Denim Trends To Wear This Fall

Which piece of clothing can you think of when thinking of comfort in your everyday life? We bet that the first thing that comes up in your mind is denim and jeans, because nothing is better than that. Jeans, and denim clothes as a whole are versatile, comfortable and very practical. In addition, they have a long life, they can be worn literally everywhere and they are pretty versatile because of the fact that they can be combined with different types of other pieces of clothing. And these are a couple of reasons serious enough in order to make us pay some special attention on denim.

So, if you want to know which jeans will be most fashionable during this season, and what denim clothes are most-recommended by world-famous designers, we are here to offer you a short list with the most current fashion trends for fall:

Colourful “skinny” jeans

After the boom of the bright-coloured jeans during the summer, it is now turn of some more practical and dark colours. You can try wearing brown, cherry, Burgundy red, dark purple or olive green in order to make your denim outfits more colourful and fresh during the autumn. On the other hand, neutral beige, or more traditional saturated blue denim is suitable for more conservative ladies or ladies, whose jobs do not allow them to experiment with colours. There is also great variety of “skinny” jeans with different prints or even brocade on for those of you who are not afraid to experiment and be different.

Mid calf jeans

Jeans with very long and wide legs are in the past now. Most fashion designers have presented different types of tight pencil jeans of different length – over the knuckle, mid calf or just below the knee. Such models look fantastic with high heels that make your legs look skinnier and longer, and add more elegance and glamour.

Torn and frayed denim clothes

Torn jeans with frayed legs, denim jackets covered with patches, denim shorts and various frayed skirts – these are usually clothes that add a negligee flavour and a touch of grunge or rock style to your outfits. In addition, many designers presented us with interesting contrasts in their fashion sets for the new season – torn jeans combined with an elegant blouse and a stylish brooch, for example. You can try different combinations and find your own unique style.

Cowgirl style

The touch of the Wild Wild West is felt not only because of the typical cowgirl hats. This fall denim clothes are embroidered with some ornaments and details typical for rodeo. So, if you like the cowgirl style, wear such clothes this fall – it is quite fashionable this season. The only thing you should be more careful with are accessories, which should be carefully selected.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets were a hit over the 90s. Then they were over-throned from the catwalk with small exceptions. This season, however, fashion designers presented us with some extravagant ways of combining them with the rest of your clothing. You can try with a denim jacket worn over an elegant silk shirt or blouse, or over a glamorous evening dress, for example. And some fashion houses such as DSquared2 go even further offering a combination between a denim jacket and a shirt with a butterfly neck-tie.

A denim outfit

Most fashion experts say that it is not a good idea to wear denim from head to toe. This season, however, such rules do not exist, because a great number of world-famous fashion designers offer such outfits in a new and much fresher way, as a play between different lengths, silhouette lines, colours, etc.