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Fall 2016: Colour Fashion Trends

If you want to be glamorous this season, you should not only count on the latest fashion trends, but you should also choose the proper colours that will make your style unique. The colours for autumn-winter 2015/2016 are much more softer and delicate, which emphasizes the idea of elegance and femininity. Although nature is not particularly generous to bright colours during the winter, latest colour fashion trends are very diverse, exciting, promising and inspiring this season.

Here is a list with the latest colour fashion trends for Fall 2016:

Trend #1: Emerald Green

The lovely emerald green colour fakes a flawless transition from summer to autumn, as a gentle breeze of elegance and refinement. The colour is suitable for both everyday life and special occasions, sparkling charmingly during the day and night. All this makes it particularly suitable for some great combinations with purple, blue, orange, yellow, white and other more neutral tones. This fall, emerald green will be present in all kinds of shades such as sea green or jade.

Trend #2: Lime Green

Fall 2016 will obviously be the season of green tones, as the latest fashion colour trends show some various and stunning shades of lime green. This beautiful green colour range is quite rich and gently whispers of great romantic moments. Lime green is a soft colour and all outfits designed in this tonality can give you a stylish and sophisticated look.

Trend #3: Olive Green

This is the third fashionable shade of green for the new season. However, have in mind that the colour is a bit tricky to wear, because it usually makes the skin look paler. However, when combined with other fashionable colours, olive green makes fantastic combinations that can give you genuine charm and brilliance.

Trend #4: Blue inspired by the Mykonos island

This gorgeous blue colour inspired by one of the most beautiful Greek islands ever, is included in the autumn-winter fashion collections and brings summer nostalgia and a dose of freshness. This kind of blue is perfectly combined with emerald green and grey, but you can also try a bolder combination with some refreshing orange or pink. Many fashion designers have given priority alto to other shades of blue, such as for example cobalt blue, sapphire and Prussian blue.

Trend #5: Purple

The most fashionable and elegant purple colour this season is similar to the colour of the acai berry fruit and is an interesting mixture of blackberry purple and black. Purple is an exotic, mystical and magical colour and is easily combined with other colours. It is suitable for all confident and stylish women, who want to stand out in the crowd; and looks amazing in combination with emerald green, and also some shades of grey, pink and red.

However, in case you want to highlight your sophistication and romance, you can experiment with a lighter shade of purple – for example lilac or lavender, which will help you create a soft and romantic look.

Trend #6: Fuchsia

Rebellious and quite sensual, the fuchsia colour is considered one of the sexiest and most feminine colours for Fall 2016. Fuchsia enhances the mood and looks harmonious especially on silk and satin fabrics. The colour is ideally combined with purple or blue and comes in several variations this seasons, such as bold magenta, juicy amaranth and discreet purple.

Trend #7 Fire Red

Dramatic, bold and extravagant, fire red immediately gathers a lot of admiring glances. That is why it is hard to imagine this fall without the passionate red trend, which is much more dramatic and expressive than usual. And little red dress is a must.