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5 Reasons To Buy A Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

lab diamond engagement ring

Lab diamond engagement rings are quickly on the uprise in the world of engagement rings and are ever growing in popularity amongst budget savvy customers who also seek an eco-friendly option. If you would like to know more about lab diamonds and why they are an incredible alternative to mined diamonds then read our Top 5 reasons why these gems should be on your wishlist.

To begin with, you might be completely clueless as to what a lab diamond is or you might just want to widen your existing knowledge. We have Lily Arkwright here today to run through 5 reasons you should be considering a lab diamond ring for your forever ring.


Lab diamonds are 100% real diamonds. They share the same chemical composition, hardess and optical properties as mined diamonds. There’s no difference to the naked eye when comparing the two side by side. The only point of difference of a lab diamond compared to a mined diamond is the origin. A lab-grown diamond is quite literally “grown” under controlled conditions in a science laboratory, using advanced technology that replicates the natural growing process that occurs in the earth’s crust. Lab grown diamonds are made up of carbon atoms, arranged in the same characteristic diamond crystal structures as naturally mined diamonds. Therefore, they exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as a mined diamond.

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Every lab diamond Lily Arkwright set is fully certified and accompanied by an industry standard GIA, IGI or GCAL grading report, including the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight specifications.


All of Lily Arkwright’s rings are priced competitively, which allows customers to choose from the highest and exceptional lab diamond rings at an amazing price. Additionally, lab diamonds cost an average of 30% less than their mined diamond counterparts. This is because lab grown diamonds have a smaller production chain, there are less people involved in the lab growing production process in comparison to conventional mining. Making lab-grown diamond rings perfect for someone who’d desire a bigger stone for a more affordable price point.

Sustainable and Ethical

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing a lab diamond engagement ring is the ethical, social and environmentally friendly credentials it beholds. In today’s current climate, this reason is often the driving factor for the boom in lab grown gems’ popularity. Lab grown diamonds have a significantly smaller carbon footprint and all the ethical & social implications that are usually involved in mined diamonds are eliminated. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the sourcing of their products, making lab diamonds a beautiful choice for those eco-conscious couples.


The Mohs scale of hardness is a measurement that tests the scratch resistance of a mineral. Lab diamonds share the same hardness score of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, the exact same as mined diamonds. This is because lab diamonds are diamonds making them a fantastic piece of jewellery to wear on the daily or for everyday engagement ring wear.

Fully certified and Traceable

Lily Arkwright only offer lab diamonds that are fully certified to international standards and are accompanied by International Gemological Institute (IGI), Gem Certificate and Assurance Labs (GCAL) or a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificate, which includes the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight specifications and is considered the most prestigious certification.

As there are so many different people and production chains of traditional mining there is a real problem when it comes to knowing exactly where a mined diamond has originated from.

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This is not the case with Lily Arkwright’s lab diamonds, all gemstones that come from a lab come fully certified and therefore are very easy to trace.

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Final Thoughts

Lily Arkwright pride themselves on the ability to produce stunning ethical and sustainable fine jewellery at an amazing price point, supported by unrivalled customer service.

Lily Arkwright are proud Assay Assured jewellery retailers and committed members of the National Association of Jewellers based on honesty, integrity and professionalism. All

precious metal jewellery offered by Assay Assured jewellery retailers carries the legally-required independent hallmark verifying the precious metal content, a protection over and above legal requirements.

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