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Five of the Best Sites for Buying Cheap Clothes Online


When it comes to buying clothes, you can either head to the high street and buy your fashionable pieces at slightly inflated prices, or you can sit comfortably in your living room, buying your fashion pieces online much cheaper. Of course, you need to know where to go, and there is the downside of not actually seeing the item in person until it arrives, but hey, that’s half the fun, and there’s always returns policies to fall back on!

The Internet is drowning with clothes websites, but below you’ll find five of the best in terms of price and quality. I shop at all of these, so I can certainly vouch for them.

See what you think.

Yes, you read it right, and it really does do what it says on the tin. Everything on the site, from clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, are all £5, and your postage costs depend on how much you buy, according to weight. Sizes aren’t the best, so be shrewd with your buys, but generally this is a great way to grab serious bargains when your funds are low.

Whilst some of the high fashion pieces on Asos can be costly, they do have an outlet part of their website, where you’ll find fantastically low prices on your fashion buys. Postage costs are again low, and the returns policy is fair and quick.


Bear with me on this one. I have bid and won many a great buy on eBay, and it’s only a case of shopping cleverly. For instance, if you want something new, narrow your search down to ‘brand new with tags’ or ‘brand new without tags’ and that is all that will come up in your search. You know what they say, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

Great for both high fashion pieces, something a little unusual, as well as wardrobe staple pieces, Boohoo is one of my all-time favourites. The prices are low and the quality is high. It also doesn’t hurt that they have very frequent sales and you can grab serious bargains very easily. Postage costs are low, and if you spend over a certain amount there are often promotions on to get postage free.

A little like Boohoo in many ways, Missguided is a great place to head for up to date fashion pieces, without having to pay the over the top prices you may find on the high street. The website is easy to use, prices are low, and for bang on trend pieces, you can’t go wrong.

Check out these five suggestions and see if any of your fashion requirements are met, without having to splash out and make your bank card cry!