Funky Colour

Tattoos are Fashionable

Body art has always been a medium of expression and has been considered an extension of one’s personality. Though it was not known by the name of Tattoo, from ancient times, symbols were drawn on the body to connote various messages and they had their own significance. In modern times, tattoos serve all of the above mentioned purpose and it is a great style statement as well. It is done by injecting indelible ink to the dermis layer of our skin. In many countries and cultures, tattooing has religious significance as well and it is a way of life.

The practice was however, always prevalent more in the eastern part of the globe and in certain mid – European countries. In modern times, like every other aspect of globalisation, tattoos have also received global exposure and popularity and they have been made famous by many punk and rock music bands. For them, tattoos are a way of revolting and showing rebellion not just in words and actions, but in projecting themselves as different from others. Celebrities have also made them popular – David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Duff, Jackson Rathbone, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Bieber and many other celebrities sport tattoos and youngsters who idolise them are always queuing up outside tattoo parlors.

There are many such good tattoo parlours in UK that take care of each and every aspect regarding skin care protection and hygiene. Going for a tattoo requires a lot of effort, especially one has to endure a lot of pain as the needle comes down. In delicate areas, sedatives are sometimes used to minimise the pain. Then there is always the danger of infection. This happens in places where they do not sterilise the needles or where they use inks of inferior quality. UKns have a culture of tattoos themselves- there are many tribes that are recognised by the tattoos they use to adorn their bodies.

Hence, they are careful and considerate when it comes to drawing tattoos on other people’s body. Tattoos are mostly permanent in nature but often there are those who do not want to sport it for a very long time. Or maybe, they want to sport a different design after every few months. For them, there are temporary inks available. These inks tend to fade away over time. There is no dearth of options when it comes to the design of the tattoo. From delicate flowers and butterflies to aggressive panthers and vampires- one can choose to draw whatever they want. Some use quotations by their favourite authors and symbols that are close to their heart.

A well made tattoo in a strategic position like the elbow, ankle, nape of the neck and upper arms is not only visible, but draws a lot of attention. Again, there are those who opt for full body tattoo and slowly, one by one designs start covering them up. Many WWF fighters opt for tattoos to make them look more aggressive and really, they do serve the purpose very well indeed!

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than tattoos to transform one’s look. They make the wearer a very stylish and fashionable person.

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