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The Impact of Hippie Pants in Fashion

hippie pants


The free-flowing hippie style of the 1970s mirrored the reaction of pop culture to the stringent societal norms and traditional ideologies of the 1950s and ’60s. The hippies had followed a more diverse, progressive stance, which embodied harmony, tolerance, and equal treatment for everyone, represented in their free-spirited and laid-back attitude. The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and Cher also promoted hippie clothing styles, mixing ethnic styles, imaginative prints and loose-fitting clothing. All of this helped make the hippie appear among the most widely recognized fads of the 1970s.


The populace was first open to travel to other countries via passenger planes in the 1960s and 1970s. Many people were able to go to distant land places and bring with them items of clothing, creativity, and garments previously undiscovered. Foreign impacts and items were incorporated into Hippie fashion. The caftans, kimonos, muumuus, jackets, and Nehru jackets from India, Africa, and Asia also inspired home cozy dresses and lightweight jackets, which would become trendy classics of the period. Sometimes these fabrics were redefined to have indulgent and extravagant features like gold metallic cutting or sequins.

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The hippie pants fashion trend encouraged individual freedom, suppressed gender rules, and promoted equal treatment for everyone. Men carried long, untouched hair, mostly with sideburns. Hippie males were viewed as even more feminine in comparison to the groom, short and waxed hairstyles of previous eras. Females also reinterpreted what was acceptable in the form of sports that fluctuates from long maxi skirts to short miniskirts. Petals and floral patterns were donned as an emblem of peace and harmony. Bell-bottoms, tunics, tie-dye, fringe, body paint, piercings, and tattoos all functioned as a vibrant and fascinating way for younger generations to uniquely differentiate themselves from the more fundamentalist representations and social standards of the old days.


Platform shoes were a mainstay of the 1970s. The shoes varied from quarter to four inches high with large, high, and flat soles. Because of the risk of harm of such elevated platforms, many resorted to clogs to embody the magic of the chunky outfit while staying more rooted. Nature or hand-made Native American layouts influenced the prevalent jewelry of the period. Necklaces displayed beads, love hearts, roses, pendants, and bells. Pendants of companionship were also prevalent. The knotted bracelets crafted with multicolored yarn were easy to recreate and distribute. Hair accessories comprised printed headbands, thin bandanas, and flower crowns.

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male hippie pants

A bold pant like these is excellent for evenings out together with buddies. If you feel that they’re too daring to rock in the daytime, and then make them appear expressive at night. Combine them with a convenient, neutral blouse that isn’t too appealing. You could continue to keep the hippie look going with a gorgeous Free People crop top, or you could also just put on a convenient blouse or shirt. Go for comfortable leather sandals as for your footwear. If the pants are a little too lengthy, wear a little heel, so they fall correctly. Add some bohemian accessories, and you will be nice to go!


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