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Reasons to Choose a Printed Tote Bag to Promote Your Brand

Choose a Printed Tote Bag

There are several ways that businesses can promote their products but none of them is as effective as using promotional giveaways. Giveaway items are ideal because over 90% of people will remember a brand when they receive a promotional product from them. Out of this 90%, 83% are likely to do business with you because somehow the promotional item positively influenced their perception of your company.

While many people have a tendency to avoid other forms of product or brand promotion, using promotional items on the other hand difficult to avoid. Custom tote bags are an example of the most effective products that you can use in brand promotion. These bags are relatively cheap but can play a key role in helping your brand grow.

If you are planning for a trade show, conference or any corporate event, you can use printed tote bags to increase your brand visibility. The fact that they are lightweight and easily portable attracts even more people to use them. Here are the reasons why printed tote bags are ideal for promoting your brand.

They are cheap when bought in bulk

One of the areas that businesses have been struggling with is cutting their expenses. In this era where competition is very high, businesses have to spend a huge chunk of their income to promote their brand to target a wider audience. If you were to buy several promotional products to give out during a tradeshow, this can probably cost you a lot of money.

On the other hand, you can always opt for custom-made tote bags which will not only be of great quality but also cheap. Using these bags to promote your brand can save you a lot of money which can be used to drive other initiatives. Printed tote bag from Rocketbags is some of the best in the market in terms of quality and price.

They are highly visible

Tote bags will usually come bearing a brand logo or information about your products which is highly visible. This is because tote bags are not going to sit somewhere in the house or the office but will constantly be carried outside in public. Even if your tradeshow or conference is over, the tote bags will still continue promoting your brand for a long time.

Some people will use tote bags to carry items to and from work, others will use them as shopping bags while others will rock them to make a fashion statement. Regardless of the reason, tote bags are practical and an effective way to promote your brand for longer.

They are versatile

Some of the promotional products usually issued out include pens but they cannot be as effective as tote bags. Although they can bear the brand logo, colours and everything, they are not as visible or obvious as tote bags. In addition, adding a brand message to a product like a pen will be difficult and if possible, it will not be highly visible.

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Tote bags on the other hand are a much better option. their large size means you have enough space to fit your brand’s message. In addition, you can include a catchy phrase or slogan that will make even more people remember or notice your brand.


As a business owner, there are several approaches you can take when it comes to promoting your brand. Few of them are as effective as printed tote bags. Tote bags are budget-friendly and durable, allowing you to promote your brand for a long time at little cost.