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HD eyebrows: The Latest Beauty Treatment

When it comes to doing up the face and applying makeup, most women make the mistake of piling on layers of cosmetics, instead of enhancing their natural beauty. They might try to emulate their favourite celebrities, but make up for them is a different story altogether since they are in front of the camera and that requires a completely different technique of applying makeup. In day to day life, one can manage to look drastically different, just by playing up the facial features. One such feature is the eye brow. Most women do not give much through to them beyond a monthly eye brow plucking. However, they are instrumental in framing one’s face and if done properly, they can make the entire face light up and look glamorous. The modern way of doing them up is to achieve high definition eyebrows. The technique used to achieve them is a bit tricky, but after a few weeks of practice, one will be able to master the art perfectly.

  • The main tools that help in achieving eye brows are highlighters and eye brow fillers. But before then, a foundation, matching the skin tone, should be evenly applied on the face. If necessary a concealed should also be used to cover up any blemishes that might look unsightly beside the carefully done eyebrows.
  • A good eye pencil can also do the trick. The pencil colour should be chosen to match the shade the eye brow. Then, the pencil should be stroked in the direction of the hair growth to fill in the gaps.
  • After that, a thin brush should be used to blend in any harsh lines and to give it softness. If one has shorter eye brows, this technique can also be used to lengthen them and bring them up to the outer corners of the eye.
  • Once the colour has blended in to give the perfect shape, a highlighter should be used just below the eye brows. That really helps them to stand out.

It is essential not to apply any other kind of cosmetic on the eye brows. Some women make the mistake of using liquid eye liner in case they do not have an eye brow pencil in hand! That makes the eye brows look extremely artificial and harsh. Ireland has some amazing salons that help their clients to achieve this kind of eye brows. It is perfect for a date night or a Saturday night out with friends for a late night disco party. Such events need drama and glamour and HD brows help the girls to obtain that look effortlessly. The appeal of HD brows lies not just with the ordinary women but also those on the runways. They look spectacular under the ramp lights and are a perfect complement to the dramatic outfits worn for the ramp.

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This kind of eye brow definition is extremely effective for those who have naturally sparse hair in the eye brows. That tends to make the face look a bit bland and no amount of colour on the lips or on the eyes cuts it through as there is nothing to balance it. Hence, HD brows are here to stay.