Funky Colour

The Hottest Summer Shoes

This season in the shoe department, it is all about color! Wedges are still fashion favourites, and the 70’s high platforms are once again “in”, but what else makes the list for this year’s summer shoes? Well let’s take a look at some of the top trend choices that the most popular shoe stores, like Fratelli Karida, are offering. These shoes offer interesting and unique designs that will suit any women, from daily sandals to evening shoes, and comfortable pumps to high platforms.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have been a popular shoe choice for many years now, but this summer, it is all about taking the colors to the next level and adding in some extra design elements that will give them a unique look. This includes a glitter material strip, colour blocking, floral motifs, alternating strips of leather, suede, and snake print, diamante and metal studs, two-tone, and elastic, as well as buckles and bows. Some of the prints used on this summer’s ballet flats are extremely interesting, such as the geometric metallic shapes.

T-strap and Ankle Strap

The T-strap and ankle straps have been popular for a while now, and this summer there are plenty of them as usual, with plenty of celebrities donning their favorites including Kim Kardashian, and Diane Kruger. They can come in all kinds of materials and colors, including metallic purple, polka dots, color blocking combined with print, multicolor designs that pay tribute to the 70’s, snake skin effect, studded, and embellished.

Peep Toe

Since the 1940’s, the peep toe shoe has been a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Today, it is still a much loved choice for women, if not for the design, then for the way is makes your foot look! We all love the pretty effect of a peep toe! Today, though, the shoes have a slightly modern feel, being combined with ankle straps, slingbacks, wedges, and various material and color combinations. Many peep toes also use embellishments around the toe including flowers, buttons, buckles and more, and when combined with a bright shoe color, you get the summer shoe trend. It is all about blending fabric, designs, patterns, and embellishments with designs and styles of old.

Color Block

Wow! Color blocking is still in! Who doesn’t love a good colour block summer shoe? This season you will find every color combination you can think of, from the bold to the bright, from the monochromatic to the psychedelic, and everything in between. To take color blocking into the next season and keep it fresh and modern, it seems as though designers are implementing other designs and textures to these shoes including prints, different materials, and patterns. Aside from color blocking, pops of color are also all the rage this summer, especially with striking neon colors, ala, Emily Blunt.


Wedges are great for most women, as they can be casual, yet give you the extra height that you need. Wedges are normally raffia and combined with stunning color tops, peep toes, patterns, and much more. Aside from the raffia, wedges can be solid and enhance the summer sandal by offering its own unique kind of colorblock. The most popular ones for summer have the sole in one color and then the heel height of the wedge in another. These can either be complementary colors, or for something daring, why not choose completely contrasting colors? A more elegant, yet very contemporary approach would be wedges where the color is split along the heel following the same curvature of the shoe. If you are one of those people who love to make a shoe statement, then this summer, go all out by getting into the latest 70’s inspired shoe fashions. Multicolor zigzag wedges like the Couluer Pourpre ones from Fratelli Karida are an ideal example.


Prints, patterns, and more prints. This summer it is all about taking it to the max with patterned shoes from sandals to pumps. You can find pretty much anything and everything including circular patterns, abstract prints, snake print, zig zag patterns, stripes, dots, geometric prints, hound stooth, and various effects using images and color kaleidoscopes. The prints of course, do not have to all be the same. It is perfectly “en vogue” to mix and match colors and prints, two different prints, and even blend various prints in one shoe.

As you can see, just about anything goes this summer when it comes to shoes. Whether you live in sandals all day, or prefer your feet to be comfy in ballet flats, there are colours and styles to suit any women. For evenings out and office wear, you can really make a statement with your summer wedges or pumps! Anything goes, so be daring, be bold, and when shoe shopping, go for something unique this summer season.