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Top Five Autumnal Trends & What They Say About You

autumn trends of 2022

Autumn is the time of fallen leaves in shades of red and gold, cosy jumpers and cooler evenings. For many of us, this transition also presents a chance to refresh our interiors and embrace the latest seasonal trends.

How you design and style your home is deeply personal, so the trends you gravitate towards can say a lot about your values, innate character traits and, ultimately, who you are as a person.

With this in mind, Industville, expert makers of handcrafted and high-quality industrial-style lights, has set out to discover the most popular autumn trends of 2022 – taking to Instagram, TikTok and Google search to analyse which trends are most talked about. The brand’s design experts have also teamed up to reveal what each trend says about us as individuals, from elegant to bold and sophisticated to creative – there’s an autumnal trend to suit every personality season.

Top five Autumnal trends revealed:

  1. Bouclé chairs
  2. Maximalism
  3. Modern Farmhouse
  4. Earthy Tones
  5. Open Shelving

Many of these top trends draw together threads of natural influence and cosiness – things that tend to remain popular autumn after autumn. But what do these particular manifestations of the overarching autumn trends say about those who gravitate towards them, and how are they coming to life in our homes?

1. Bouclé chairs

With intrinsic ties to high fashion and mid-century modern design, it’s no surprise that bouclé is making its way back into our homes. Bouclé chairs are the perfect embodiment of the classic, retro looks that many of us are seeking to help bring more character into our spaces.

Bouclé chairs

Rounded armchairs upholstered in white bouclé are especially popular this autumn, providing a sense of warmth and cosiness that is synonymous with autumnal design.

What does the trend say about you? – Elegant

If you find yourself reaching for a white bouclé trend this autumn, you are certainly someone who always has your finger on the pulse – you are always decked out in the latest fashions and know what’s in and when. You have an air of easy elegance and tend to seek the perfect combination of form and function throughout different aspects of your life. There’s no shame in wanting to look good and classy, and you know how to make it happen!

2. Maximalism

This trend isn’t just about more being more; it is about combining the right items and design elements for an eclectic and diverse look. This means embracing lots of vibrant colours, patterns and textures for rich, unique interiors. This autumn, incorporating the ever-popular maximalism trends means reaching for intricate nature-inspired patterns for wallpapers and curtains or upholstery in dark, luxurious colours. Particular patterns to watch out for include mushroom motifs – an up-and-coming autumn interior trend in its own right, with the ‘mushroom decor’ tag receiving 12.7 million views on TikTok.

popular maximalism trends

What does the trend say about you? – Bold

Maximalism is all about being bold with your choices. If you lean towards this enduring style this autumn, you are confident and know what you want, always picking the best bits of life to get stuck into. You’re not afraid to try new things and find joy in discovering the order in the chaos. You’re likely quick to excite and tend to have a more optimistic outlook, generally looking to the future and seeking the next big adventure.

3. Modern Farmhouse

Rustic farmhouse looks with a sleek modern twist are becoming more popular, drawing on clean, bright aesthetics with a Scandi influence. This blending of vintage and contemporary styles creates something with timeless appeal, so it’s no surprise so many people have been reaching for it recently. The emphasis on natural materials and white colour palettes lends itself well to the autumn period, helping to create a comfortable and nurturing space that serves to uplift us as we draw into the colder, darker months. Putting seasonal foliage and plants centre stage is a key part of how the trend is taking shape this autumn.

Modern Farmhouse

What does the trend say about you? – Sophisticated

If your home is decked out with modern farmhouse decor and your rooms pay homage to rustic origins while embracing a modern update, you are likely someone who’s sophisticated in taste and bearing. You are practical but not militant, appreciating structure in your life but still making room for occasional spontaneity. You don’t like to make a fuss but seek clarity when you need to. While you may be quiet, you hold your head high and have a refined air about you. You appreciate both pragmatism and whimsy, finding a balance in your daily routines.

4. Earthy Tones

Colours like burnt orange, ochre, sage and russet are autumnal mainstays, and this year is no different. Warm natural hues that reflect the world around us are ideal to incorporate into the home at this time of year as they can help us reconnect with the beauty of the season and find new layers of appreciation. Plus, these colours can be incredibly calming and pleasing to the eye, helping cultivate a sense of cosiness and comfort to ease you into the colder weather.

Earthy Tones

What does the trend say about you? –  Earnest

If you love interiors swathed in earth tones, you likely have a deep appreciation of the natural world and are perhaps interested in wider environmental issues and sustainability. You are forward-thinking and open-minded, yet always have time to embrace the simple things.

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Seeking peace and tranquillity for yourself and those around you is an important part of who you are – you care. You do things at your own pace, favouring the slow and mindful approach rather than rushing headfirst into things.

5. Open Shelving

Good storage is a must in the modern home, but so too is authentic style – this is where open shelving, the ideal combination of practicality and decoration, comes into play. This trend is incredibly versatile and works brilliantly for people who want to constantly find new ways to express their style and fine-tune the aesthetic of their space. The open-shelving trend really comes into its own during seasonal periods as you can easily swap in autumnal accents or different pieces to give your kitchen (or anywhere else you have open shelving) a new feel while making relatively minimal changes.

Open Shelving

What does the trend say about you? –  Creative

If you’re drawn towards open shelving in the home, you’ve likely got a strong creative mind and love finding clever solutions to any problems that arise. You’re determined and inventive – a true original! You appreciate different perspectives and enjoy finding inspiration from a variety of places, opening your eyes to everything the world has to offer. Your interests are diverse, and you always have a project in the works or a new hobby on the horizon.