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Wedding Music: What Couples Shouldn’t Do

While the perfect dress and the right decors do count, it’s the music that makes your wedding truly memorable. Think about it – music plays a major role in almost every aspect of your celebration, from walking down the aisle to the reception, to the very last dance. So why not make it count?

Lousy music will only make your guests bored and wish they’ve left earlier. If done right, on the other hand, music can energize the reception, inspire guests to enjoy the whole night, and make your wedding a day to remember.

So, if you don’t want to have wedding music fiasco, here are some mishaps you should stay away from:

Meeting your band/DJ only until the day of the wedding

When booking your wedding band or DJ, you just don’t go and jump into conclusions immediately – just because he came highly recommended by a friend. The best way to determine if your wedding musician is qualified and ready to give you what you want is by meeting them beforehand. During your meeting, you can discuss about the budget, requirements, playlist, and also get to feel if he or she is capable to deliver a fun day.

Skipping sound check

Assessing the setting with your performers is important. If you’re tying the knot outdoors, you must make sure that the venue is microphone-friendly as the crashing waves or the heavy blow of the wind can easily drown out wedding music. To ensure this doesn’t happen, coordinate with your location’s event manager. Talk about acoustic limitations. Even if you’ve set your heart on a certain place, losing your music entirely is far more disappointing.

Playing only one type of music

Sticking to one music genre, no matter how good it is, can become a bad thing. Weddings always have a wide range of age groups so it’s best to switch things to entertain your guests and keep the music fresh. On the same note, it is not advisable to spend too much time for your special dance songs as it can get really boring. Shorten the mother-son and father-daughter songs, as well as your first dance.

Forgetting to check sound restrictions

While some venues allow you to party all night, some sites have a time-of-day restrictions on music or noise levels. Before booking, discuss sound ordinances with your site manager. You don’t want your reception to end early and unexpectedly.

Not giving a do-not-play list

It is very important to give your performers a list of songs you don’t want to hear on your wedding day. Whether its a song that reminds the bride of her husband’s ex or a song that makes the groom associate it with bad memories, or simply a song that the couple finds tacky, that should be included in the list. The performers must remember to follow this to make a celebration the couple really wants.

Take note of these when considering your wedding music! Did the last wedding you attended have music mishaps? What should have the couple done?