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10 Ways to Build a Strong Presence on Twitter


A strong presence on Twitter means that you have many followers and that you have quite a few of your tweets re-tweeted. Getting a stronger presence on Twitter will make any of your marketing messages travel further (as you have a bigger audience). However, getting a strong presence is difficult because Twitter is only a micro blogging website. The ten tips below should help to get you on the right track for building up your presence.

#1 – Tweet at least every day

You have to be a regular attendee of Twitter if you want to build a strong presence and what better way to do that than to be on there at least twice per day. It is also better to Tweet at different times each day, in order to ensure that your message is read by more people.

#2 – Tweet regularly on the same interesting topics

You need to build a following, which means you need something that is going to repeatedly tickle the interests of your followers. To do this you should make regular tweets on similar interesting topics. If you do this then the people interested in those topics will keep reading and following you.

#3 – Install quite a few images of yourself on Twitter

This is because once people have finished reading your most recent tweets; they may linger before moving on to the next person. You can give them something to do by giving them some pictures with free svg files. Make them a little more interesting than just an image of you having a drink, etc .

#4 – Change your author bio every month

This is not because you have multiple personalities. It is because it makes your profile a little more interesting. If people are looking at your profile regularly, they are going to see your author bio a lot (by accident mostly). So, changing it every month makes you a little less boring.

#5 – Add some videos on Twitter

This is something else to help you retain those lingerers who have read your tweets and are hanging around. Lots of people do it, especially if they are waiting for reply tweets from other people. So, add a few videos to keep them interested.

#6 – Try to do it by making people laugh

It is very possible to gain more and more followers by simply being funny. You do not even need to tell jokes; you can just make witty observations. Such as how Michael Jackson swung his child over a balcony and was criticized, even though the monkey did the same thing to Simba in the Lion King and everybody cheered.

#7 – Give advice to people on Twitter

This does not mean giving specific advice to specific people (although it cannot hurt). This sort of advice can be anything, from how to stop people stealing your bike, to a brief note on why people seem to turn to perversion in their lives. The quality and strength of the Tweet is up to you.

#8 – Come up with a thought for the day

This is not going to have hundreds of people flock to your Twitter profile, but it is one of those things that helps you to keep your followers. Most people find a thought for the day inoffensive and it is the Twitter version of easy reading. You may not win as many followers as if you had just released a Twitter saying you have naked pictures of a celebrity, but it will help you to maintain your following. Plus, there is a good chance that your message will be re-tweeted.

#9 – Offer insightful messages in small doses

How you go about this is up to you, and just how serious you are with your messages is again up to you. Suffice it to say that this sort of thing will find an audience. You can keep it light and offer insight on everyday life, such as “Young people want to grow up fast, when adults look back with longing” (or something mushy like that). Or, you can go more serious such as, “When dealing with terrorism, should we ask who threw the first stone?”

#10 – Quote old motivational sayings

There are thousands of them that you can pull from online. They are always effective if they came from a famous or historical person. Even if your viewers do not know the person who said it, they will still enjoy reading it. This is another one of those things that will often get a lot of re-tweets.