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3 Tips For Men To Go On A Casual Date


Deciding what to do and what to wear on a date is just as difficult for men and women alike. In fact, casual date night outfits are actually quite tricky to decide. You might worry about dressing up too much or not dressing well enough. You might worry about what the other person will dress like. And, what the appropriate clothing choice is, depending on where you are going. Of course, choice of date and events will have a significant role in determining what you should wear, but to put your mind at ease, here are three tips for men to go on a casual date:

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When it comes to men’s clothing, something as simple as a crisp white collared shirt and a pair of well fitted, but not too tight, casual blue jeans, is an excellent outfit option. You can dress it up with a good watch and some nice leather shoes. And you can also dress it down by rolling up the cuffs and sleeves. Putting on a nice pair of sneakers, and keeping the top two buttons unbuttoned. For some great options for mens 883 Police Jeans has a wide variety and excellent quality as well.


Choice of cologne is actually quite important even for a casual date. If you overpower your date with your musky cologne and expensive perfume while you’re going for a fun picnic, then that might be a bit too much. Choosing the right kind of cologne for the right occasion is a lot more important than having a go-to cologne that you think will work for everything.

Date activity

What kind of date is it? Your first date or have you been dating for a while now? Are you going out at night or in the day? A lot of these questions might seem silly to ask but are quite important. If you are going out during the day, then a fun outdoor activity like visiting a museum or a beautiful scenic walk or hike might be better than a lunch indoors. If you’re going out at night, it might be better to go for a lovely dinner or wine tasting or even a movie.

If this is your first date, then starting it off with a casual might be a good option, but if you have been dating for a while, then don’t hesitate to make it unique. Get your date flowers or chocolates, and make them feel special, no matter what the occasion.

Going on a date can be pretty stressful, and that too understandably so. A lot of uncertainties might make you feel worried, but just three simple tips can make sure. That, you have a fun night and you make the right decisions for your date. Your partner should feel comfortable and in tune with you. Which is why always reminding yourself of these three little things can make a world of difference.