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Tips for ensuring your DIY wedding flowers are perfect!

DIY wedding flowers

You have a lot of details to attend to in planning your wedding. And deciding to do the flowers yourself is an important decision. There is a lot to think about and the last week before the wedding will be hectic. Here are our ten tips to ensure it all works and your DIY wedding flowers are beautiful and fresh.

1. Browse magazines and books for ideas on style, colour and types of flowers and wedding flower packages. Keep a portfolio and reference it often to zero in on the designs you like. Be sure to stay with simple techniques that do NOT require bouquet holders, which require a high degree of skill to design.

2. Make sure you know how to do the chosen designs. Sign up for a how-to class or work with a friend who is an experienced designer. It is crucial to have specific skills if you want your flowers to be fresh and hold together through the long wedding day.

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3. Have a reliable helper who will take responsibility for all the details of ordering, processing and handling the flowers and leading the assembly the day before the wedding. You will be very busy, and you will be very thankful for this person!

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4. Determine the number of flowers you will need for all the arrangements you will be making. Do this at least three weeks ahead of the wedding.

5. Order your flowers at least two weeks ahead of time and have them shipped to arrive 3-4 days early of the wedding. Make sure you are available to receive the flowers – you do NOT want flowers sitting outside in freezing or hot weather!

6. Process the flowers according to the instructions provided by your supplier. It is imperative to open the boxes immediately, cut the stems and get them into fresh water with preservatives – 18″ high buckets are a great choice. That is key to having fresh, healthy flowers on your wedding day!

7. Ensure you’ve received the correct number and type of flowers and inspect for any damage. The flower heads should still be very tight – they will open gradually over the next couple of days to be in bloom for the wedding. Call your supplier immediately if there are any issues so they can get replacements sent to you overnight.

7. Keep the buckets of flowers in a cool place out of sunlight – garages and basements are generally good choices. Do not put the flowers into conventional refrigerators – they are too dry and will dehydrate the flowers. Also, keep the flowers away from fruits and vegetables, which give off damaging ethylene gases.

8. The morning before the wedding is design time! Gather your crew and get to work! Corsages and boutonnieres can be put in plastic bags and kept in the refrigerator – the bags will keep them from drying out, and it is essential that they now be kept cold since the flowers are no longer in water. Bouquets can be put back in the water in suitably sized vases or other containers. The stems should not wrap in ribbon until the morning of the wedding.

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9. If the flower buds in the bouquets are still reasonably tight the evening before the wedding, you can loosen them up a little by putting the stems in warm water. But be careful! You don’t want them to open, or they will not last the day.

10. The morning of the wedding, wrap the bouquet stems in ribbon, and you’re ready to go!

The big day – the wedding is perfect, and so are the flowers!