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5 Ways to Feel Better When You’ve Got a Cough


Nothing can make you feel sick, anxious and uncomfortable more than that bad and painful cough that simply can’t go away. Unlike a normal one which essentially clears the throat and makes you feel better thereafter, coughing continuously irritates and even causes one to worry.

Maybe it could be a disease that’s a bit serious like Asthma or Pneumonia or something worse. If you’ve been battling an incessant cough lately, and haven’t gone to see the doctor yet, then you can soothe the discomfort with the common, natural remedies.

According to a blog post from Essential Oil Haven, some people imbibe hot honey for an instant relief while others trust the Midas touch of a soothing steamy shower. For you though, these are some of the best ways to instantly feel better:

1. Grab a raw Ginger

Ginger works magic against common ailments, especially chronic coughs. Its anti-inflammatory properties are out of this world, a huge reason why many people still trust it to soothe a painful cough.

How ginger works is quite intriguing. Whether you take it as ginger tea or ingest it in its raw form, the effect is pretty much the same – the anti-inflammatory compounds contained in it quickly relax membranes found along the airways.

For a quick, maximum soothing effect, however, be sure to brew a cup or two of warm ginger tea containing approximately 40g of fresh ginger. You can add a teaspoonful of honey plus freshly cut pieces of lemon for an even more powerful effect.

2. Gurgling some salty water

Gurgling salty water is another popular way of relieving a cough. Salty water is known to reduce the amount of mucus and phlegm that could have accumulated in the chest and triggered the cough. It also reduces the urge to cough, effectively making one feel better.

To prepare salty water, just scoop a half a teaspoonful of salt and pour in warm drinking water. Stir until the entire salt granules dissolve before gurgling it. If you do this several times in a day, that painful cough will eventually go away. This method, however, is suitable for adults and those kids who know how to gurgle.

3. Take Marshmallow root

There’s no home remedy that relieves coughs and common cold more than Marshmallow root. For a herb whose use traces to centuries ago, its fame is down to its effectiveness in easing irritations.

For maximum effectiveness, however, it is advisable that you prepare a marshmallow root solution that has a bit of thyme and ivy in it. If you take such a solution for a week or two, you will eventually feel better. You may also take it in the form of a team or as a dried herb after all the effect is the same.

4. A warm shower

If it’s a wet cough, it’s possible that if you take a warm bath, the rate of coughing will subside. This actually is what many people swear by – spending a couple of minutes in a bathroom filled with steam until coughing stops. If you can’t take a steamy dip, just drink a glass of warm water.

5. Chop up some onions

If you can’t find any of the commonly available remedies of cough, just head over to the kitchen and start chopping an onion or two. Apparently, the vapour that makes one cry can stop mild coughs and feel relieved, albeit for a little one. This method is quite popular in France and across Spain and has been practised since time immemorial.

Other than these, you can feel better by taking a solution that contains eucalyptus or rosemary. You can also stay hydrated or take a nap. Remember, natural remedies can lessen the pain. If coughing persists, however, don’t hesitate to rush to the hospital.