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6 Amazing Beaches Near Rome


When planning a vacation, many of us agree to sacrifice spending the time on the seashore in favor of sightseeing or other entertainments in a particular place. However, after spending a few days in a hot metropolis we start to regret the decision we made at home. But, fortunately, if speaking of Rome, it’s possible to fix the situation, because the city is located just within 25 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea. In addition, there are many lakes around Rome, warmed up by hot Italian sun.

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If you suddenly feel like swimming while wandering around the streets of Rome, it is always possible to fulfill it, and you even needn’t be a magician for that. So, read on the article to find out about the greatest beaches located not far from the Italian capital.

Lido di Ostia

This beach is the nearest one to Rome and the most popular destination among the average Romans. The place features free beaches, a variety of inexpensive pizzerias, cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. The sea near ?? Ostia doesn’t always meet the criteria of cleanliness and ecology, but for the Romans it is the fastest way of salvation from the summer heat. Besides, it’s easy to reach Ostia from Rome without a car; everything is easily accessible, and you needn’t suffer big expenses to spend the time there. However, Ostia also features paid beaches with sun beds, umbrellas and clean area. The entrance to the paid beach is 12-15 EUR (the price includes a sunbed and an umbrella).

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How to get there: by the underground from the center of Rome. One way travel fee is just 1.5 EUR.


This is the second most popular resort near Rome located in 60 km away from the town. The Romans consider it a more prestigious place than Ostia. In the era of the Roman Empire Anzio used to be an important port and a settlement. The Emperors Nero and Caligula were born there. Anzio offers to visit numerous historic houses, go for water skiing and regatta sailing. In addition, there are ships sailing to the beautiful island of Ponza from Anzio. In the local restaurants you can taste the best fish dishes of Lazio region and drink white wine delivered from the neighboring Nettuno resort.

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How to get there: By train departing from Termini railway station (one way ticket costs 3.20 EUR). The travel takes 50 minutes.


This cozy and beautiful town lies just in 37 km away from Rome. Fregene stretches along the coast and is surrounded by trees, pines, luxurious villas and cars. There are only a few areas of public beaches along the town’s coastline. The rest of the territory teems with the centers and complexes of paid beach establishments like nightclubs, sports grounds and swimming pools. Each villa in the town is a palace hidden in the greenery. The villas can be rented for any required period. Wherever you stay in Fregene, the sea will be located in a stone’s throw from you.

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How to get there: It’s very convenient to get there by a rental car. Otherwise, you can take a train (ticket costs 2.6 EUR) in the direction of Civitavecchia from Termini train station to Maccares-Fregene Station, and afterwards cover another 4 kilometers by bus.


This beach is located within 95 km to the south of Rome in the surrounding of the beautiful National Park of Circeo. Every year many celebrities of cinematography and show business come to spend holidays there. Sabaudia offers clean sandy beaches, and a special microclimate, created by Paola freshwater lake, which stretches for 7 km along the coastline.

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How to get there: A car travel from Rome takes approx. 1.5 hours. Also, there’s a bus running to Sabaudia from Laurentina metro station in Rome.


The distance from Rome to Sperlonga is 115 km. This picturesque coastal town derived its name from the Latin word “Speluncae” (“cavity”) due to the natural cavities and rugged cliffs of the coastline. Sperlonga features narrow winding streets, panoramic platforms and watchtowers, standing on the tiny patches of land reclaimed from the steep cliffs. It is a typical fishing town of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with open-air restaurants and bars, which serve excellent dishes prepared of the freshest seafood according to the old traditional recipes.

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How to get there: By train from Termini railway station to Fondi-Sperlonga station; afterwards take a 20 minutes’ bus trip to Sperlonga.

San Felice Circeo

This is one of the greatest destinations near Rome located at the foot of the Mount Circeo. This amazing place features majestic cliffs, deep caves and sand dunes. Boating through the caves is one of the best-loved activities among local tourists. Here are the names of a few caves: Grotta delle Capre – located next to the beach; Grotta Azzurra – accessible only from the sea and only in good weather conditions; Grotta dell’Impiso o Impiccato – the entrance from the side of a beacon; Grottadei Pipis trelli – lies closely to the city’s Acropolis.

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If the weather is favorable, you can contemplate the Pontine Islands from the coast. The lovers of nightlife entertainments are advised to check out La Bussola and Chez Nina nightclubs. At the depth of 18 meters divers can inspect 1.8 meters high bronze statue of Christ sunken in 1992. This statue is the city’s new symbol.

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How to get there: Take a bus departing almost every hour from Laurentina metro station. Travel time is around 3 hours.

As you see, despite its splendor Rome is still lacking in many advantages inherent to the smaller cities located nearby. So, if you get bored of a saturated sightseeing tour in Rome, you can easily diversify your holidays just by setting off to one of the amazing beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea.