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Best LED Lights in Action! Maximizing Cannabis Yield with the Best LED Grow Lights


The future of agriculture is shaping up now – with LED grow light technology. Cannabis growers are starting to witness the advantages of using this new technology as opposed to the use of traditional HPS grow lights. With the various advantages it offers, like reduced energy consumption costs, many cannabis growers are turning to the best LED grow lights to increase yield and further improve the efficiency of growing cannabis.

Find the best LED Grow Lights and Use that Top LED Grow Light on your Cannabis

Of course, if you really want to maximize the yield and the efficiency of using the , you must invest in the top LED grow lights! Though they usually come at a considerable price, the return of investment (ROI) in the long run will surely be worth it (and besides, due to the rapid advancement in technology, there are now low-cost alternatives that functions close to or as good as the expensive ones). You won’t be able to maximize your cannabis yield if you skimp on this essential first tip.

Equipped with the Best LED Grow Lights, What should Growers do Next?

If you’ve purchased the best LED grow lights you can afford, it’s time to discover what to do to maximize the LED grow light’s impact on your cannabis growing.

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Identify the Appropriate Lighting for the Best Grow Light

Growing cannabis can be efficiently done by using the correct part of the light spectrum during the different stages of cannabis growth. Selecting blue light for vegetative stage of cannabis growth ensures that the plant will develop as many leaves as possible and develop strong stems. For the flowering period, it is ideal to use the red part of the light spectrum to light up your cannabis. This simulates shallow angle of the sun in late summer and autumn when cannabis naturally undergoes budding. This is where full spectrum lights, a common feature in the best LED grow lights, becomes very important!

Define Light Cycles

This pertains to the rhythm of the day and night cycle of your cannabis crop. The use of LED grow lights can supplement light needed for photosynthesis when natural sunlight is lacking (or growing is strictly indoors). Even the time that the light is turned off is also important. The best LED grow lights can be set to control the light cycle.

Identify the Ideal Mounting Height

Mounting height refers to how far away your LED grow light is from your cannabis. Usually, the idea is to place the fixture at a height that allows penetration to your crop’s canopy, but not too near as to stress the cannabis. The rule of thumb here is to follow the ideal mounting height suggested by the manufacturer.

Install Multiple Units if Possible

Using multiple LED grow lights ensure total coverage for your cannabis – and you want this if you want to maximize the growth of parts of your marijuana. You can save by looking for the top LED grow lights that allows for most coverage.

Mind your Water

This is especially true for those who upgraded to LED grow lights. Unlike traditional HPS grow lights, good LED grow lights does not generate a lot of heat. This means that unlike HPS grow lights, it does not evaporate water as much. You might be over-watering your cannabis and you might not have noticed it.

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Follow these simple steps and you’re sure to maximize your yield with the use of LED grow lights.