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Events and Occasions which are Perfect for a Catered Hog Roast

catered hog roast

There are several festive occasions that can benefit from a professional caterer. With plenty of guests it can be overwhelming to do all the planning and organization of the meal. You can take the stress out of all that work by hosting a catered hog roast. Hog roasts are popular, affordable, versatile, and lots of fun. Here are some events that you might consider a catered hog roast for.

Sporting Events

What better way to gather with friends and family at you favourite football match, cricket game, or even a hunt? Imagine the smell of a roasting pig in the open air with plenty of sides and beverages that can be eaten casually without the worry of cooking and cleaning up. Consider adding soft rolls, cabbage slaw, bubbling cups of baked beans, and cold ale.

Music Festivals

Outdoor music festivals are commonly presented with a variety of food options, often using food trucks. Why not have a hog roast that is all-encompassing? Think of grilled sausage sandwiches, smoked wings, corn on the cob, and baked treats for dessert.

Corporate Events

A terrific way to show appreciation for your employees or conference attendees is with a festive roast. You could serve roasted pork and poultry for the omnivores and cheesy pasta for the vegetarians. Pair these mains with a salad of bitter greens. Have some boards of fruit, cheese, and smoked sausages available. The caterer can cook indoors or outdoors, depending on the venue.

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Weddings and Anniversaries

Wow your guests with large urns of warm roasted meats, creamy mashes, grilled vegetables, and seasonal desserts. This can be as casual or as elegant as you want. The caterer can prepare everything prior to the event, if that is a better fit for your space. Let them bring all the tools and manpower to make the occasion a breeze.

Benefits of Hosting a Catered Hog Roast

A hog roast is perfect for just about any event or holiday celebration. Roasting, grilling, and smoking meats and vegetables are convenient and tasty ways to accommodate a large group of people. Impress your guests with a wide variety of dishes that complete the meal. Professional cooks and servers will take care of all the roasting and the hog roast equipment needed to make the occasion go smoothly. Leave the set-up, meal preparation, and clean-up to the caterer and enjoy your party.