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Five Unique Ideas For Serving Casual Foods At Wedding Dinners

Wedding guests are there to celebrate your love, but it is also a big tradition to serve an elegant wedding dinner for them. Typical dinners usually consist of chicken, fish, or steak, but you can easily customize your meal options to make it more casual for family and friends.

As you make your dinner plans, work with wedding venues to set up the following five unique casual options. Each one offers a special twist that will please guests in attendance.

Medieval Wedding Meals

Even though everyone may be dressed elegantly, there’s no reason not to chow down. Hosting a medieval dinner brings some fun to the meal.

  • Main Course: Ideal medieval meals include large turkey legs and chicken legs to eat by hands. Steak and vegetables on skewers are alternatives to the large pieces of meat.
  • Soups: Rustic bowls can be served with soups like tomato and chicken broth. These soups are drank directly from the bowl instead of using a spoon.
  • Pints: Classic beers and sodas can be served in medieval pints. They are great for drinking out of and giving cheers.
  • Other Recipes: There are a number of appetizers and alternative courses that can be prepared. Websites like the Medieval Cookery features full listings that you can present to caterers and local wedding venues.

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Fast Food Catering

Avoid the traditional meals by serving something everyone will love. Fast food catering offers large portions of popular fast food items. This is family food and the contrast with a formal wedding can help make it hit. Adding extra touches will enhance the fast food.

  • Chicken Nuggets: Fast food restaurants offer a variety of chicken nuggets, tenders, and strips. Serve them with fancy toothpicks to add a little elegance to the meal.
  • Burgers & Sandwiches: Serve a variety of burgers to guests. Keep a selection of toppings and sides for guests to select themselves. This includes lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, and condiments.
  • Fries: Large batches of fries make it easy for guests to come up and help themselves. Other sides from fast food restaurants includes onion rings, hash browns, and sweet potato fries.

Taco Bar

Keep things simple and easy with a taco bar. Expanded options in a taco bar makes it easy for guests to make custom tacos, burritos, or nachos. Include a variety of meats like pulled pork, ground beef, and chicken. When working with a caterer, you can enhance the meal with varieties of beans, salsa, and peppers.

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Depending on the wedding venue, you can set up multiple stations to make it easier for guests to access the food. As a dessert, you can host a dessert taco station. This includes waffle cone shells, ice cream, whipped cream, and a variety of toppings.

Omelet Stations

Hosting a wedding brunch is common, but you can take things up a notch with live omelet stations. When hiring omelet stations, chefs are positioned all around the reception area. Each chef can prepare three to four omelets at once. There are many custom additions to the omelets. For eggs, guests can choose from whole eggs, egg whites, or liquid egg substitutes.

A variety of cheeses can be used in the omelet along with fillings. Meats and vegetables are common filling options. For more upgraded meals, you can include seafood like fish and shrimp to the omelet filling options.

Food Trucks

Outdoor wedding venues have ample opportunities to expand food options. One of the more modern ways to supply guests food at an outdoor wedding is with a food truck. Food trucks are available with all different types of food, including American, Mexican, and grilled foods. A food truck can also be hired to supply just desserts to your wedding function. It’s a fun way to serve premium ice creams, cupcakes, and more.

Work with your budget and food ideas to select the best options to fit your wedding and venue.

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