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Guide To Italian Bakery: Best Gluten-free Christmas Cookies


It’s not Christmas in Italy without cookies and treats made from traditional recipes of the region. For a long time, the European country has made a strong impression worldwide with beautifully crumbly, tasty confections. From taste to shape, there is a wide variety of sumptuous biscuits that can even overwhelm an Italian baker.

Those who are allergic to gluten have the option of gluten-free Christmas cookies to add delicacy to the festive season.

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But here’s the problem: Visit a well-stocked bakery, and you come across dozens of traditional Italian cookies, including some with unpronounceable names. Even an Italian cookie-lover can get confused inside the store.

In this guide, you will come across some of the most popular gluten-free cookies from the European country that you can add to your food baskets for Christmas and make your beloved ones taste authentic cookies from Italy.


Biscotti, also called cantucci, are twice-baked almond biscuits that may or may not be dipped in a drink. As per the history around the cookies, they were first baked by Antonio Mattei in the mid-1850s in the city of Prato.

The main ingredients of biscotti are flour, almonds, eggs, and sugar. Although traditional recipes were not gluten-free, there are many renowned brands from the country that bake quality biscotti for people allergic to gluten.


Amaretti, also referred to as amaretto macaron, are chewy and crunchy cookies that contain almond paste. It is derived from amaro, which means bitter. It means theses are little bitter biscuits.

Originated in Venice, the cookies have sugar, egg white, and almonds as the main ingredients. Earlier, they were served with espresso or dessert wine.

The best thing about amaretti is that they are gluten-free traditional Christmas cookies that you can buy from an Italian store that offers genuine products from the region.

Almond Cookies

When you go through the best traditional cookies from the gorgeous European nation, you notice that there is hardly a recipe without almonds as an ingredient. Many of these authentic desserts are made of almond flour.

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Different from biscuits from other parts of the world, Italian almond cookies are made of almonds that are a little bitter. If your almond biscuits are chewy yet bitter, you have bought a genuine product.


If you love to gulp soft cookies, then gluten-free anginetti can be your favorite Christmas cookies this festive season. Packed with lemon flavor, the Italian cookies are healthy and delicious treats for everyone.

The main ingredients of the cookies are all-purpose flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, salt, lemon extract, and vegetable shortening.

They are soft, fluffy, and dipped in juicy lemon flavor. They have been a staple to holiday treat tray for many years. This year, you can also add them to your food baskets for guests and make your guests experience the authentic taste of Italian cookies.

Rainbow Cookies

In Italy, Christmas is incomplete without these colorful and sweet cookies. These cute little cookies are soft and yummy. Although there are many recipes claiming to teach you the best method to bake traditional rainbow cookies, it’s best to buy them from a reputed Italian store. It ensures that you taste authentic cookies made using traditional recipes of the region.

Final Words

The festive season is incomplete without Italian cookies. If you are allergic to gluten, get these gluten-free Christmas cookies and make your holiday more delicious. When buying these cookies from a reputed store, make sure the products are made in Italy by a well-known brand of the region. Also, buy them fresh to experience their traditional taste. Happy holidays!