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Top 7 Cake Flavours That You Must Try

top cake flavours

“Life is too short not to eat a cake.” Indeed! Therefore, every opportunity you get, you must devour a cake. A dense, moist cake layered with flavourful whipped cream is all you need at any moment or day to tickle your senses with sweet pleasures.

Thanks to the bakers who bring to our taste buds, different and drool worthy cakes every time we crave for something sweet or there is an occasion that calls for a cake cutting ceremony. So, here are the 7 cake flavours that you must try. Remember, the golden rule, life is short, so eat a cake, different cake whenever you can.

1) Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate cake is happiness! Happiness that can be eaten anytime, anywhere; without guilt. A sponge chocolate cake richly covered in chocolate buttercream and topped with luscious chocolates is a sinful dessert no one can resist. From a basic chocolate cake to Kit Kat chocolate cake to dark truffle chocolate cake, we are blessed with several choices. Each chocolate cake tastes unique yet delicious. If you live in Bangalore, avail chocolate cake through online cake delivery in Bangalore at your doorstep, and indulge in dark pleasures.

2) Vanilla Cake:

You can never get bored of classics; such is the magical appeal of a vanilla cake. The sweet, perfumed aroma combined with a woody or smoky flavour of Vanilla makes this cake flavour a favourite all the generations. And, when a vanilla cake is topped with juicy slices of pineapple and succulent red cherries or chocolate flakes, vanilla cake becomes synonymous with a heavenly dessert that makes you and everyone drool.

3) Blackforest Cake:

May lord bless the souls who baked the Black Forest Cake, Amen! A chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling and the layers enrobed in whipped cream that are further garnished with chocolate shavings and cherries, Black Forest cake is an edible paradise. Because of its unique fruity and chocolatey taste that one can experience in a single bite, this is a must try cake for everyone.

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4) Butterscotch Cake:

Sweet N Salt= Divine! Experience the best of both worlds in a butterscotch cake. A cake that is layered with sweet and whipped buttercream, further topped with salty and crunchy butterscotch chips, a single bite of a butterscotch cake is never enough to satiate the sweet cravings. You will need a whole butterscotch cake. There are delectable varieties of butterscotch cake available at online bakeries such as chocolate butterscotch cake, mango butterscotch cake, etc.

5) Fruit Cake:

For the health conscious souls who love cakes, fruit cakes are the ideal sweet treats that you can binge eat without gaining calories. Numerous varieties of fruit cakes, such as assorted fruit cake– a vanilla buttercream cake topped with chunks of juicy fruits; Strawberry cake– a sweet, pink delight with the tanginess of the strawberries; Mango Cake– a seasonal refreshing and delicious delight. So count on goodness, not calories with fruit cakes.

6) Coffee Cake:

Why only drink coffee when you can eat it? Coffee cakes are baked with rich aroma and authentic taste of coffee that will enliven all your six senses. Coffee mocha cake, chocolate coffee cake, is some of the most relished coffee cake flavours. There are tea cakes as well for the lovers of tea.

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7) Red Velvet:

The beauteous of all, red velvet cake! A red crumbed cake filled and glazed with velvety cream cheese filling. The acidic taste that comes from buttermilk is balanced out by the sweetness of the cake. And cocoa powder is added for mild chocolate flavouring; thus red velvet cake tastes as good as it looks.

So, try these cake flavours and experience sweetness every day! Bon Appetite!!