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Inexpensive European Travel Destinations

When people look for a new destination for their future vacation, some choose to visit Bulgaria, a former communist country that is known to be the oldest state in Europe, the very country where Spartacus the gladiator was born. This explains why Bulgaria is a country that has such a rich history, with numerous old churches and ancient spas that can still be visited. Many people come to the mineral springs to drink the healing waters and relax. There are many elegant and luxurious hotels that have been built in regions with healing mineral waters.

Some of the tourists that come to Bulgaria are attracted by the old churches, Batchkovo Monastery being just an example of the building that was raised in the 11th century. There are several paintings, icons and frescoes that can be seen in this monastery.

Belogradchik is the name of an old settlement located at the foot of the Balkans Mountains, in the NW of the country. There, the tourists have the possibility to admire the Belogradchik Rocks, a natural monument which is considered to be a landmark of Bulgaria. The country has tall mountains and wonderful Black Sea resorts where tourists from all over the world come and spend their vacations.

A special place to visit would be the Rose Valley. Bulgaria has been involved for hundreds of years in cultivating the flowers and extracting the rose essence. In May and June a visit to the Valley will surely help you gather everlasting memories. Since the country is striving to get the tourists’ attention, the prices in Bulgaria are affordable all year long. There are numerous hotels, many bed and breakfast accommodation facilities, as well as lots of places to go camping, especially during summer time.

Romania is located right above Bulgaria, being the very land of Dracula, the place that attracts through the exquisite cuisine and the old wooden churches that can be found in the North of the country. The Danube Delta is a famous Romanian tourist attraction; many tourists come there to see the wetlands and the canals, which can be navigated on board small ships or fishing boats that can be rented from the very few inhabitants of the Delta.

The population density in the area is about 2 inhabitants per square kilometer, making the Delta the less inhabited region in the temperate Europe. Despite all of this, you will be able to find diverse accommodation possibilities in the Danube Delta, ranging from floating hotels, bed and breakfast and even private homes. People can also find camping sites in Crisan, Murighiol or right on the shores of the Red Lake.

Being compared to the French Riviera, the Dalmatian Coast has recently become one of the newest European tourist attractions. The Hvar town is a must see destination for many of the tourists that are visiting central Dalmatia. The town has numerous small but fancy boutiques, several old and well preserved buildings, as well as bistros and terraces where food is freshly prepared and served to the clients.

The Arsenal Building and the St. Stjepan Cathedral are just two of the impressive buildings in the city. Different affordable accommodation possibilities are easy to find in Hvar and in the entire Central Dalmatia region. While in the region, make a stop at the Diocletian Palace, a place where the old structures are mixed with new bars, terraces, food shops and villas. The place is filled with history and a visit to the castle will certainly help you make a leap in time and understand some of the history of that part of Europe. By visiting the central Dalmatia you will also have the chance to visit the Pakleni Islands and the Franciscan Monastery.