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Wales: The Hottest Travel Destination For A 2022 Staycation

hottest travel destination - Wales

Since 2020 and the travel restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic, staycations have skyrocketed in popularity. Whilst borders are opening and the opportunity to travel abroad is more accessible, many people are still feeling a little nervous about travel. So, if you are looking for staycation options for 2022 that will still leave you feeling a sense of adventure or relaxation, then look no further than Wales.

From rocky mountain peaks to magnificent castles, pristine beaches and deep green valleys, Wales is the ultimate staycation destination for people with different travel interests. Whether you want to spend your day lounging at the beach, exploring or hiking, Wales has something for everyone.

Moreover, Wales is easily accessible by coach from different parts of the UK. As JustGo! Holidays describes, “the dramatic landscapes of the north of Wales, with their spectacular mountains and lush valleys, are scattered with ancient castles and monuments. The south of Wales offers a gorgeous coastline with picturesque seaside towns, magnificent hills and purple-heather moors”.

If you are still looking for reasons to visit the hottest travel destination for 2022, the below guide will tell you why Wales should be at the top of your staycation list.

Prehistoric castles

Wales is popularly known for its highest number of castles in the world (more than 600)! History enthusiasts can learn a lot about the rich history of Wales through self-guided or organised tours. While some castles were inhabited for a thousand years, others were abandoned after conflicts and wars. Aside from their defensive history, Welsh castles are architectural marvels that you will not find anywhere in the world.

The oldest castle of Wales is the Chepstow castle where construction began in 1067. The well-maintained castle stretches out along a limestone cliff that overlooks the River Wye near the English border. For more than 600 years, the castle was occupied by some of the richest and most influential men of the medieval and Tudor ages.

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In addition, you will find other famous castles such as Cardiff Castle, Caernarfon Castle, Raglan Castle, Harlech Castle, Pembroke Castle, Dinefwr Castle and many more.

Beautiful gardens

Wales is home to some of the most beautiful historic and modern gardens that are run by the National Trust.  These gardens are perfect for picnics, learning about different species of plants and meeting friendly animals. The lush green landscapes with colourful flowers add beauty to the scenic country of Wales.

The most visited garden in Wales is the National Botanic Garden of Wales, which opened in 2000.This 560-acre botanical garden has more than 6000 different plant varieties. The garden is open to visitors throughout the year. As there are multiple themed gardens, you will need a full day to completely explore all that it has to offer. From learning about healing herbs to getting a closer look at bees and hives, checking the aromatic Mediterranean plants, walking on colourful pathways or learning about aquatic life, there are plenty of exciting things to do in this garden.

Exceptional food and drink

Welsh food is greatly inspired by its rich history and is a combination of tradition and diversity. It is wholesome, with simple, good quality ingredients. The lush pastureland of Wales is perfect for grazing and has been a prominent factor in cattle farming. Thus, you will find the most succulent lamb in Wales. Cheese lovers will also enjoy Wales, with multiple restaurants serving boards with award-winning cheese varieties.

Sea-food fans can enjoy a hearty meal as the coastline of Wales offers a wide variety of fresh seafood. Apart from fresh fish, crab and lobster, you can also try fresh oysters, mussels, laverbread, edible seaweed or Welshman’s caviar.

Wales also has many breweries and is well known for its beer and cider. If you prefer wine over beer, then there are more than 20 vineyards in Wales. In addition, you can also find other Welsh spirits such as whisky, gins and liqueurs across the country.

Pristine beaches

The coastline of Wales is surrounded by hundreds of hidden coves and bays. You can also find multiple quiet beaches, rock-pools and dunes scattered across the country’s coastline. Many of the Welsh beaches are untouched and beautiful.

If you want to go on an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ adventure, you can try finding some of the many hidden beaches of Wales.These beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and taking a stroll. However, if you like water sports then many Welsh beaches offer adventurous activities such as surfing, snorkelling, coasteering and paddle boarding. The beaches of Rest Bay, Swansea, Whitesands, Borth and Cable Bay are perfect for these activities.

If you are planning to visit Wales in autumn, the beaches are still well worth a visit. Just make sure to pack your woollyhat and winter boots as it can be a little breezy.

Wildlife spotting

Autumn and Winter in Wales are the best seasons for spotting different species of migrating birds from around the world. Aside from birds, it is also common to see grey seals and their white furry pups. In the summer months you will find plenty of butterflies, dragonflies, bugs, bees, dolphins seals and if you’re lucky, whales!

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To spot seals and dolphins, you can take a ferry to Skomer Island. RSPB Newport Wetlands Reserve and Brecon Beacons National Park are the best spots for getting a sight of migrating birds. For getting an insight into the honey-making process, you can visit the Plas Newydd which has hives full of native honeybees.

With so many options available in Wales, it really is a perfect staycation destination for families, couples and friends.