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Is Fashion Design A Good Career Choice?

The culture of the fashion design industry is to learn on the job, with opportunities for self-development available throughout your career. It is a constant learning process in which career progression depends on the specific area of design you are trained in. If you are someone who is doubtful about stepping into the field of fashion design and wondering about its prospects, then this blog might be able to help you out. Continue reading to get an in-depth idea about the world of fashion design and decide for yourself.

What does a fashion designer do?

Fashion designers take inspiration from around the world to create fresh and original designs every season. They use their technical perspective and creative flair to forecast designs that may be popular with consumers. These professionals are responsible for conducting their own research on current fashion trends to decide on fabrics, colours and patterns to produce sample designs. They then adjust these features to construct the final products.

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What is the work environment of fashion designing like?

The tasks depend on the market that a fashion designer is working for, such as high street fashion or ready-to-wear. Salaries may vary depending on the level of experience, regional area and type of employer. Likewise, the working environment varies between companies with working hours typically including extra time to meet project deadlines. If you are into freelancing, you may choose to work in a rented studio or in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, you can choose to set up your business and be self-employed straight after graduation by utilising the benefits of online retailing.

What are the sectors available for work?

Working in the fashion industry comes along with the privileges to travel to meet suppliers, research new trends and attend trade and fashion shows across the world. Based on your interest, you can choose to work in any of the following areas:

  • Art and design;
  • Fashion business;
  • Fashion buying;
  • Fashion marketing and communication;
  • Garment technology;
  • Graphic design;
  • Textile design.

Who will be your employers?

The majority of fashion designers choose to work for luxury brands or high-street stores and independent labels. Based on individual skills they may be employed at an in-house design studio, in either a manufacturing or retail organisation. Other options to get hired include:

  • Specialist design studios;
  • Designer ready-to-wear markets;
  • Top design houses.

In order to tread on the career path of fashion design, your success may rely on a combination of factors. This includes creativity, perseverance, resilience and good communication and networking skill. Doing undergraduate studies in Fashion Design can help you grasp all these and more. Apply soon!