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Selling Second-Hand Items Doesn’t Have To Be Hard


Moving soon? Do you have some extra office supplies/inventory or anything lying around? You will get to lose a number of that dead weight before the forthcoming relocation. Whereas it’s tempting to simply throw your things in storage, detain mind that rental a storage unit will be pricey – particularly once rental a unit over a protracted amount of your time. To save lots of cash (and build money), think about mercantilism your unneeded things instead. Whether or not you’re saving or just trying to find a clean slate in your new home, there’s no higher time than currently to sell your recent mattress or board. Gone are the times once Craigslist and eBay were your solely online marketplace choices. Now, those moving will sell their belongings right from their phone employing a mobile marketplace app. You might not need anything other than your Smartphone to complete the sale process. There are tons of applications out there offering local selling options for connecting with potential buyers.

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By gaining popularity in these recent years, Paperclip make it easy to find, buy and sell pre-owned items in your local area. Paperclip is a marketplace for buying, selling and swapping second-hand items, available on web, iPhone, and Android. Paperclip’s marketplace technology also powers a number of private community marketplaces at universities, schools and corporations.

Paperclip is the UK’s leading marketplace provider. Paperclip was formed 5 years ago by two university friends Rich and Alan. The project started as Tinder for trading but soon became a fully fledged online marketplace, available as an iOS and Android app and available on desktop too.

There are many reasons to use Paperclip over other marketplaces, such as our powerful community of buy/sell groups, but perhaps most of all… it’s FREE! They create marketplaces without any fees. No cost for listing, buying or selling having a global marketplace with 100,000 users. They also make private marketplaces for students at 30 different universities (including University of Oxford, Cambridge and UCL). They have just launched a schools platform to allow parents to buy and sell items for their children or themselves.

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They are crowdfunding on investment site Seedrs. This allows anyone to be a part of Paperclip. People can invest as little as £10 and get a share of the company. Getting started on Paperclip couldn’t be easier. To access via your web browser, simply visit and follow the on-screen prompts to sign up. If you’re looking for your university, school, or corporate marketplace, you can find a list of our communities here. Paperclip is also available as a smartphone app on Android and iPhone. You can search ‘Paperclip’ on your relevant app store to find. You can also browse on Paperclip without even signing up but if you want to make an offer, add an item, or join a group then you need to sign up to take full advantage of Paperclip. After signing up there are some additional very easy steps to get the most out of your account.