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The beginner’s guide to bringing a touch of tartan into your home

tartan into your home

When looking to inject a bit of tartan into your home, there are many different avenues you can go down. If you’re new to the world of interior design, then you might want a subtle nod to your heritage, whereas if this isn’t your first rodeo, a bolder approach may be best. 

Whether your style is daring or demure, there’s guaranteed to be a way to weave this iconic pattern into your home, with help from Designers Guild, without compromising your personal taste. 

Read on to find out more. 

Tartan as… a focal point

If you’ve got a room that’s lacking in direction, introducing a strong pattern as a focal point is a good way to go. Look for space and emptiness in your chosen room – this is where your tartan print will thrive.

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There are a number of ways to successfully incorporate this pattern. First, there’s the accent wall – which we will refer to again later on – which involves devoting your bold choice to just one wall in a room. A blue and grey mixed tartan is a great choice to promote light and airiness, especially in a room that has large windows. For a cosier feeling, go for the traditional red toned tartan, to generate warmth and a sense of home. 

Tartan as… sleek and simple

Although tartan is admittedly a bold choice for any interior overhaul, it can be done in a simple and effective way. The pattern itself can’t be changed, but you can alter the shades and tones that portray it. A neutral colour palette can do wonders for an open living space that is looking for a little interest, but doesn’t want to appear overcrowded. 

Keeping things minimal is a great place to start. A brown and cream take on tartan stretched across a small chaise lounge can nicely fill an otherwise empty corner, without being imposing against a light-coloured wall. 

 Tartan as… a bold choice

 Sometimes you’ve just got to go big or go home – and this applies to your interior design choices too! A blue and purple colourway is a bold take on tartan, and one that can add a considerable amount of interest to any room.

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Splash this shade combination across all textiles in your study such as furniture and curtains, alongside toned-down wooden accents and cream flooring. Being bold is great, but you also need to be able to balance this out to keep your new aesthetic flowing nicely. 

Tartan as… an anchor

Similar to the focal point idea, tartan as an anchor in a room can settle quite nicely amongst slightly plainer pieces of furniture. The anchor is something that acts as a starting point for the rest of the room’s design. Place a green and brown cross tartan upholstered sofa in the centre of your living room to establish the tone of the space. Your next step is to pick out tones and hues from this fabric and match it to the rest of the room. Incorporate these colours into your rugs and scatter cushions to tie the look together.

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