Funky Colour

Budget-friendly ideas to make your buy-to-let standout

There are over 2.6 million landlords in the UK. That is a lot of rented properties out there on the market for prospective tenants to choose from! In a saturated market, how can a landlord make their property stand out amongst the competition without breaking the bank?

Buy-to-let properties don’t need to be basic in order to please the masses. There’s plenty of easy wins that you can incorporate into your property’s interior to make it irresistible and give it the edge.

Dress the front door

When someone pulls up to your property for a viewing, wouldn’t it be great if they fell in love before even opening the front door? First impressions really do count. Depending on the material of the front door in your property, you may be able to spruce it up with a welcoming shade of paint. 

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Green is said to be the most welcoming colour for a front door. It’s warm, inviting and denotes health and goodwill.  You could also pop a few potted plants or hanging baskets by the front door to dress it up a little. A stylish door-knocker can also add a touch of luxe. Who wouldn’t want to live in the prettiest house on the street?

Focus on lighting

It’s really important to get the lighting right within your property. If not, the space can quickly become unwelcoming and frankly a bit depressing. Letting plenty of natural light in where possible will create a homely and relaxing atmosphere that tenants will feel as soon as they walk in. Natural light is really good for our wellbeing. It works with our bodies to produce vitamin D, improves our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns and helps us to focus. It literally makes us happier!

Flooding a property with natural light, however, isn’t always possible. Large windows and skylights can be really pricey and possibly out of budget, and some house’s orientation makes it difficult for natural light to come through. In this case, focus on artificial lighting instead. Invest in bright bulbs – not the cheapest ones that you can find. For bedrooms and lounges, you can opt for something softer to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment.

Update handles

You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference swapping out handles on cupboards and doors within your property can make. For instance, in a kitchen, you could change all the door handles on the cupboards to something a little more stylish – think brushed brass or matte black, depending on what works best with the rest of the room decor. IKEA has an extensive range at great prices.

You can do the same in bathrooms with things like toilet roll holders, hand towel holders, towel rails and even taps and showers. Chrome is the most popular option for bathroom fittings and whilst it looks great, matte black or brushed brass gives a more unique and contemporary feel. 

Find a design feature

There’s nothing wrong with a basic, standard house. You might find though, that there is something with your property that you can capitalise on to give it the edge. For instance, does the property have a basement? If so, could you convert it into something interesting such as a utility space, cinema room or a wine cellar? 

If there’s nothing that springs to mind, you could create something. Perhaps market the property as a ‘smart home’ by installing some smart security, heating and lighting systems to appeal to tech fans. It could be something as simple as updating the kitchen with mod-cons such as a fancy coffee machine. Perhaps you could install a statement light fitting in the living or dining area. It can be nerve-wracking spending your own money on something a bit special to leave for tenants. Just ensure that you compare landlord insurance quotes to find the right contents insurance to protect any furnishings that you are providing.