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4 Good Reasons to Make SEO your Number One Marketing Investment

SEO your Number One Marketing Investment

SEO is an important component of any digital business. Many people who tried their luck in SEO and failed suggest that SEO is dead or excuses that SEO is too unpredictable.

But let us clear you one thing if you want to launch a big brand and want more people to reach it online, then this milestone is simply impossible without SEO with Eskimoz Agency. Let us in this article tell you about 4 Good Reasons to Make SEO your Number One Marketing Investment.

Reasons to Make SEO your Number One Marketing Investment

It Increases your Credibility

When your brand ranks on the first page of google research then it automatically gives your brand and page a place of credibility by search engines thus we suggest you to invest in google keywords research to rank your site.

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If you are not in the first page of a particular search of your niche there is very less chance that the customer will even open your site even if you are better than your competitor.

It provides you with a competitive advantage.

Your rivals will almost certainly be spending in SEO, so you should as well. Those that engage extensively in SEO frequently outrank their competitors in search engine rankings, gaining market share.

When you consider that the top page of a Google search receives more than 90% of traffic, you simply cannot afford not to be there, especially if your rivals are. Begin by identifying your rivals, assessing their strengths and shortcomings, and developing and controlling your internet reputation. Then, make sure your site loads quickly and is mobile-friendly, that you provide the finest content possible, and that you focus on offering the best user experience.

You Don’t Need a Big Budget for It

Running a business online is a bit expensive and small businesses have to invest a large sum of money to compete with global businesses who have been there since a long time and still investing a large profit on marketing but SEO isn’t that much expensive for example making a video and writing relevant SEO optimized article is the most important SEO strategy and it can cost you simply NOTHING! If you can do both of these by yourself. Even if you aren’t good at it you can just hire someone to do that.

Increased Traffic of Higher Quality

If you want to succeed online, you must first master lead generating. True, more traffic does not always correlate to increased conversion, but with time, you will begin to rank well, and your SEO approach will shift toward improving conversion. In essence, if you don’t have traffic, you can’t convert.

Implementing SEO strategies such as link building, content placement, web audit, keyword optimization, and analytics, among others, makes it simpler to attract relevant visitors, which leads to increased sales on your site.


There is no arguing in accepting the fact that the online market is more competitive then ever but no worries! SEO is here to help you to enhance your brand visibility and automatically increasing sale conversions.

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Google keeps on changing its algorithm so it is best to invest in SEO by simply hiring a SEO expert.