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6 Approaches to Spruce up your Outdoor Eco-Friendly Home

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Hot and sunny days are the best to be spent outdoor with your family and friends. And is there a better place for having a waste too much energy or lunch with family than your own patio or garden? Carry your eco-friendly style to your yard and create a perfect outdoor home, where you can enjoy your best moments knowing that you are protecting your environment at the same time.

#1. Save Energy

To create a better atmosphere at your outdoor home, you will need quality lighting. However, instead of using old lighting fixtures that waste too much energy, you should consider replacing them with fixtures that are oriented more towards saving energy. Replace the old incandescent bulbs with LED lights which will give a brighter glow and create more relaxing ambient. On your patio, have a nice vintage lamp, but with a new energy efficient bulb, and along the driveway and walkways, organise modern LED lights to illuminate the whole exterior. Another great way of saving energy is installing timers for you outdoor lighting. Program all the fixtures to turn off at some point during the night, and reduce your energy waste and bills.

#2. Strong Concrete

Concrete is one of the most durable and eco-friendly materials you can use to spruce up and decorate your outdoor home. To build your sidewalks, driveways and even patio you can use cast-in-place decorative concrete pavers. which can even be found in different colours and shapes. Concrete patios are way easier to maintain than wooden decks for example, and can reduce the heat-island effects since concrete has better light reflective. To create unique artistic effect, you can mix colourful crushed glass into concrete and create a stunning outdoor bar or a table, for example. In this mix you can put anything that complements the whole style of your patio, such as seashells, scrap metal, recycled aggregates etc.

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#3. Vertical Garden

If you lack the space for a lush green garden to surround your outdoor home, the next best solution is building a vertical garden that can come in various sizes and shapes. You can create one big green wall that will enrich your home with colourful plants and pleasant smells, or you can go for smaller green walls that will only provide more nature to your patio. By installing a green wall of any size you will create a better ambient, improve the quality of the air around you and provide your outdoor home with better insulation. Additionally, these vertical gardens soundproof your whole yard and provide you and your family with a more comfortable healthy environment.

#4. Build Your Own Outdoor Furniture

Instead of spending a fortune on designer patio furniture that is not beneficial for the environment, you can create your own personal furniture. If you have lots of old pallets, tyres or any leftover materials from renovations. You can use them to build patio chairs, tables and even shelves, dressers and garden hammocks and get it from HammockGigant. Unlock your creativity and you can have a family project to make your outside home more green and comfy. All you need to build this highly functional recycled furniture are motivation, some skills and tools.


#5. Embrace Vibrant Natural Tones

To make your whole exterior more bright and warm, all you have to do is replace some old cushions with new ones. Use organic materials which will last longer and use natural tones and colours to soften the atmosphere. Also, you may repaint the furniture into more vibrant colours, and contrast them with light and soft cushions and pillows. Spread a nice soft rug that will provide ultimate comfort to you feet, making the whole patio more homey and friendly. All the materials you use should be natural, and all the colours should remind you of nature. And, you will be more relaxed knowing that you are one with it.

#6. Efficient Cooling and Heating Systems

Like in your indoor home, you will need proper cooling and heating systems for your outdoor one. Make sure to invest in quality energy efficient systems that will not emit any hazardous gasses into the atmosphere. When shopping, look for products with high SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) and make your entire home energy efficient and comfortable during the whole year.

If your interior is already green, there is no reason to leave your outdoor home dull and inefficient. Follow these tips and you will be able to safely enjoy your garden and patio, free of any pollutants and dull styles.