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Can I Get the Stained Glass Look in My Home?


Many people only associate stained glass windows with churches and other religious buildings. Of course, stained glass is common in churches as it was used to depict bible stories to those who couldn’t read. The different colours of the glass were also used to represent different religious elements, such as red for the blood of Christ. However, stained glass windows also look fantastic in homes. Which is great news if you admire their beauty and hope to add them to your interior design. Read on for some tips on how you can incorporate the stained glass look in your home.

Lots of contemporary artists and interior designers are playing around with stained glass. And, finding different ways for it to feature in our homes. Believe it or not, the juxtaposition of a traditional window with all of the modern elements of a house works really well and is becoming increasingly more popular. It doesn’t even matter if your home is small or huge, there are plenty of options.

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One option is your front door. Adding a panel of stained glass to your front door can give your hallway a warm and inviting hue. You can achieve this look by commissioning a bespoke stained glass panel and incorporate your own design, or using a reclaimed window. Don’t worry, they can be encapsulated into double glazing to keep in the warmth and keep out the noise.

There are other places where you could have stained glass installed. For example, it can be used to replace a frosted window in your bathroom. Which will keep things private for you whilst also adding a decorative element. Stained glass windows are also great for blocking out unsightly views.

Whatever your reason for investing in one, the best thing about stained glass windows is that no two are the same. This will give your home a real sense of individuality. The best thing you can do is speak to a professional for some advice and get started on a design.