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7 Essential Travel Items to Pack Before a Big Trip


If you are getting ready for an upcoming trip and have yet to make a packing a list to check off, be sure not to forget the following essential travel items you can’t leave without!

Passport & Copies

One – if not the most – important of the whole list, as you will surely not get too far without it! Be sure to make copies in case you do lose your passport.

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Extra Credit Cards

Though we like to think nothing bad will happen on big trips, it is important to prepare for the worst. If you happen to lose the one credit card you brought, you may be in for a huge headache.

Local Cash

Often times it is easier to exchange your local currency for the currency of the destination you are headed to at your local bank. To avoid having to do it at the airport, do it ahead of time.

Appropriate Clothing

Do your research on what the weather is going to be like and pack accordingly to avoid having to buy an entirely new wardrobe while there.

Reliable Luggage

The last thing you want is to be moving from one place to the next and in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, your suitcase or backpack breaks. Invest in good and sturdy luggage!

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Comfortable Shoes

Chances are, you are going to do a lot of exploring during this big trip and blisters won’t make that any easier. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes you can walk anywhere in.

Universal Adapter

If you want to stay connected to the world while you are on your big adventure, then this is an essential item, especially if you are traveling to two or more places. Grab one that has good reviews and won’t break on you while away.