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Amtico Supports Your Home in All Seasons

It’s that time of year where we the festivities are underway. Family gatherings, family nights in and the biggest NYE parties are all underway.

Despite these gatherings being a little smaller this year, this just means you have extra time to prep. The clean-up will most likely be the same no matter the size of the guestlist. Just thinking about the damage that could happen to your floor from all the foot traffic can leave you wondering whether to go ahead with any celebration ever again.

So, let the relief wash over you as you read all about the benefits of having luxury wood effect vinyl flooring throughout your home in time for the holidays!

Brilliant on the Surface

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) have great resistance to damages or scratches.

The surface layer is moisture and scratch resistant which make having get-togethers over the festive season a lot more enjoyable. The base of your furniture is also no longer a threat to your floor, so you can feel free to rearrange your rooms as many times as you’d like.

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When it comes to the party clean up, a light sweep with a soft bristle brush will take care of all debris and most markings to your floor, whilst a thorough mop will bring up the surface coatings natural shine. 

Fantastic Under the Surface

The seasons celebrations are bound to leave something to be remembered by on your flooring. With hardwood or carpet it can be a nightmare to bring those materials back to their original pristineness, but not with luxury vinyl flooring.

The vinyl flooring the clean-up strategy is very easy. You will discover that the even the toughest of marks and stains are no match for the technologies built into vinyl flooring to help tackle them.

Amtico offers superior floorcare stripper agents which bring the surface back to its original magnificent state, using a stripping method which immediately clears the surface layer of all marks and scuffs. Your flooring will look so immaculate that you’ll be left wondering if you ever had a party at all. 

Amtico For All Year Round

Amtico makes every Christmas morning joyful. Right throughout the festivities, your flooring maintains its consistent shine and irresistible colour.

Amtico luxury vinyl flooring is beautiful to look at and gives your home an authentic feel throughout, thanks to the magnificent colour palette and realistic replicas of natural materials. Your guests will find comfort and warmth underfoot whilst they enjoy the holiday seasons. 

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From Signature Wood to Spacia Stone collections, all the way to Amtico Abstract, you need to invest in the best price Amtico flooring for the ultimate Christmas.

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