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Are You Putting Your Home At Risk?


For most people, there are few things more important than keeping their home safe and secure. Many are willing to pay thousands for the finest security systems and maintenance work to keep their property in perfect condition. However, these home owners are often unaware the greatest threat to their property could be lying just out of sight. Every year, thousands of homes fall victim to foundation erosion and the devastating effects it can cause. To find out if your property is at risk there are certain warning signs to look out for, both externally and internally. If you do see any of these indicators around your home, try not to panic. It may be time to take steps to protect your property and look into some options for erosion control around the house foundation.

What to look for outside you property

To help protect your house against foundation erosion you can complete a few simple checks around the exterior of the building. Firstly, check for any doors and windows that won’t open or close properly. Secondly, ensure no gaps are visible between the garage door (if you have one) and the pavement on either side of the frame. If your home has a fascia underneath the roof, you’ll also need to check to see if any gaps have emerged at the corners of the trim. Finally, take care to look for any cracks appearing around the outside of your home. These can appear at the corners of doors and windows, and in any exposed beams, bricks and mortar.

What to look for inside your property

Spotting evidence of damage to foundations can be slightly easier inside your home. One key indicator is flooring which is no longer level. Also, make sure to check for cracks in the walls and at the corners of doors and windows. You should also look out for any leaks and cracks around the fireplace. In homes where drywall is visible, check whether it’s curling or tearing. Also, take care to look at the custom cabinets dallas in the various rooms of your home. If their doors don’t stay shut, it could be down to foundation damage. Finally, ensure there are no gaps appearing at the top of any kitchen cabinets.

What to do if you’ve spotted any signs

If you’ve found any tell tale signs that the foundations of your house are being affected by erosion, there could be a number of reasons for this. Common scenarios involve either the introduction of more moisture or a loss of moisture from the supporting soil. It’s important to get an expert’s opinion to find out whether the damage you can see is simply cosmetic, or whether there is a need to act. Maccaferri have been providing erosion protection solutions for over 100 years and can offer a number of tailor made options if action to protect your home is required. As experts in drainage techniques, they offer a range of MacDrain® drainage Geo composites to stabilise the soil around your property and eliminate any risks.

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