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Historical Attractions and Excellent Boutique Hotels in Switzerland

boutique hotels in switzerland

Switzerland has the highest quality of life of any country in the world and greets the visitor with overwhelming charm, warmth and beauty. Home to some of the world’s biggest corporations, great cultural and historical attractions and excellent boutique hotels in Switzerland offers an unforgettable, unparalleled experience.

On the northern banks of the Zurich stands this city of immense historical, cultural and financial importance, on an area settled since 5000 B.C. It is the economic powerhouse of Switzerland and houses the headquarters of The Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) as well as ten of the largest fifty companies in Switzerland.

The city’s centuries old SIX Swiss Stock Exchange is the fourth largest in the world, while the city remains the world’s largest gold trading center. It is the center of Swiss banking and many of the world’s biggest financial organization are actively present in the city. This city deserves every ounce of its status as a leading global city and offers very promising business opportunities. Business travelers looking for the finest and most professional services have a choice of the best boutique hotels in Switzerland has to offer.

Located on the banks of the Zurich, the city and the surrounding canton have some truly breathtaking natural features and scenery. The wooded hills of Adlisberg, Zurichberg, Uetilberg, Honggerberg and Kaferberg, offer panoramic views of the city, lake and even the Alps. It is possible to find a host of fabulous attractions including hiking trails, mountain spas and restaurants. Some of the boutique hotels offers are located in scenic spots in and around the hills and on the lake and river shores. The exquisite Zoological and Botanical gardens house 260 species of animals and 15000 plant species respectively, the latter owned by the University of Zurich, one of Zurich’s two top-notch universities.

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Zurich is also an artistic and cultural capital with some of Europe’s best museums, galleries, orchestras and theaters. Zurcher Opernhaus, among the premier opera houses in the world, was built in 1834 and featured productions by Richard Wagner. Rebuilt in 1890 in superb neo-classical style, it hosts the annual Zurich Opernball, the most important date on the Swiss opera calendar. Its Schauspielhaus theater complex is one of the most foremost theaters in the German speaking world and it hosts Zurcher Theater Spektakel, an internationally acclaimed festival.

The city’s place in modern popular culture is just as significant, hosting the Zurich Street Parade, an annual dance and techno festival attracting two million revelers to the banks of Lake Zurich. Usually held in August, the Street Parade is the biggest open-air techno rave in Europe and definitely well worth catching. Visitors can also catch many other art fairs, exhibitions and festivals in one of the cleanest, safest locations on earth.

Aside from being just a financial and cultural center, housing the best of museums, galleries and cultural treasures, Switzerland has some of Europe’s trendiest and liveliest nightlife. It has the highest number of clubs per capita with the widest variety imaginable from Hip Hop clubs, Brazilian bars and punk clubs to Turkish food joints and Italian espresso bars in its Cities. Simply walking through any part of this city fells like a sightseeing trip but a journey here isn’t complete without taking the time to see some of its most exquisite treasures.

the grossmunster symbol of zurich

The Grossmunster is the must see symbol of Zurich’s Reformation era, an old church and an exceedingly beautiful example of Romanesque architecture with a tower where visitors have magnificent views of the city. The Fraumunster, also an old Gothic church with stained glass windows by Marc Chagall is another of Zurich’s treasures. The St. Peter’s Church is another attraction famous for its clock face, said to be the biggest in the world.

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The Landesmuseum is the largest Swiss history museum offering enlightening and insightful exhibitions about Switzerland’s history. The Kunsthaus, one of Europe’s most prominent museums, features one of the largest collections of Modern Classical art in the world, with works from Giacometti, Picasso and Fuseli. Also worth a visit are Zurich University’s Museum of Design and the Uhrenmuseum Beyer, which houses a large enthralling collection mechanical and primitive of clocks and timepieces.

The city’s splendid gastronomical scene will thrill visitors no end. From the city’s traditional Guild house restaurants to the excellent cuisine served up by restaurants in boutique hotels is a haven of fine dining. The boutique hotels of Switzerland provide give a choice of hotels in the ideal locations for either business trips or holidays.