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How to Get Yourself Busy So You Can Avoid Texting Your Ex

You’ve been holding and staring at your phone for hours hoping he’ll reach out. Or worse, you feel tempted to be the one initiating the talks. Don’t.

You don’t want him to think you’re still that crazy over him after everything he has done. Even when you still have not completely move forward and okay, you still miss him, resist the urge to text or call him.

It’s not going to help bring back your self-esteem. Instead,

Work it out.

Stop debating with yourself whether to contact him. You don’t have any business with him now. There’s no use reconnecting. Sweat it out instead. Go to the gym.

You will need to keep yourself fit and show your ex you are not devastated. Working out shall help make you feel better especially that you have survived hours without holding your phone.

Learn something new.

Is there anything that you want to learn? Cycling, swimming, cooking, baking or sewing?

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Get yourself busy instead of staying in bed and locking yourself in your room. It’s hard dragging yourself to move when you feel you’re at your worst but still, just do it. For yourself.

Pamper yourself.

Girls love to get their nails done, or perhaps enjoy some spa.

Be kind to yourself. You know you’re going through tough times. You deserve any reward there is for striving not to get in touch with your ex.

Meet with your best guy friend.

He’s going to tell everything he knows about relationships and how men’s thinking works.

He will not give you false hopes. He will listen to your sentiments and will happily lend his shoulders when you need them. He will drive you home when you’re too drunk to make it on your own.

There’s no question to this. You need your best guy friend by your side after a breakup.

Grab some fresh air.

Definitely not where you and your ex used to hang out.

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A change in the environment shall help you forget your ex for the moment. With so many attractions and food to check out, you wouldn’t waste your time staring into nothingness, thinking about your old guy.

Bond with bffs.

Drinking until you pass out? Crying as if there’s no tomorrow?

Your best buddies for sure wouldn’t mind that you are acting like this. Emotions are expected to be at high the first time you share your story. But during the next ones, you’ll have greater control of your emotions. Until one day, you’ll only laugh it all off.

It is unhealthy to keep all your frustrations to yourself. It will be easier to move on if you would at least let that anger out, with your bffs as your audience.