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Popular Fashion Crimes Which You Should Avoid

We all like to be dressed nice and look elegant and classy. But when we go on the road we can always see the situations where we think “Oh you shouldn’t have done that”. You do not have to be a fashionista to wear nice and trendy. What all it takes is to carefully put some thought and effort to what you wear and the accessories.

Following are some of the major fashion mistakes you should stay away from.

1) Fashion magazines are not for everyone

Following the basic advices from the fashion gurus is not really bad thing but you have to know your limits. If you are buying the fashion magazines religious and following each and every advice to the letter you might be in trouble. Number one is that it is not easy to buy all those expensive fashionable clothes. Also all those advises are specially made for the fashion models that are of a certain stature and build. So you will not look exactly like those fashion models. Hence you have to find the clothes that will fit you well and that complement your build and personality.Fashion Crimes

2) Do not buy clothes that do not fit well

Some wish if they fit into a different size category but it is not the reality. So buying a smaller size and squeezing into it will never make you slim. Just it will make you look awkward. Or some have the habit of just buying clothes without paying much attention to the size of the clothing. If you bought too tight clothes there is nothing much you can do about it. If the clothes are too baggy have the altered by a tailor so whatever your body size the clothes will accentuate the body shape.

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3) Making a miss mash of odd clothes

Some have the tendency of the buying clothes when there is a bargain sale whether it is good for them or not. Then some end up wearing those clothes that do not match them. Or sometimes just because you bought them you would pair them but those pieces of clothes do not go well together at all. This is a very common fashion mistake. You should not buy the clothes you will not need. Save that money to buy something nice when you see one.

4) Being blinded by Fashion Trends

Following the classic styles is a way of being very safe. Also since those styles are not going out of style you do not have to change your wardrobe every now and then. But that does not mean that you can wear the same clothes for ever. Sometimes we forget that even the classic trends change a little bit. Or some do the totally opposite buy going for the latest fashion trend blindly and just follow it no matter what. For instance just because the tracksuits are the latest fashion trend it is not going to be suitable for everyone and anytime. You have to carefully think if you can pull that trend off and also if the venue is appropriate for that fashion trend.