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The “platonic” Male Escort Industry and why Women Use Them


We’ve seen them on TV and in the movies, perhaps your girlfriends even have a seedy story or two to tell about a “friend” of a friend…but have you ever wondered if there is more to the story?

The fact is, male escorts, although generally thought of as a tool for sex, are so much more. Sure, sex is a driving factor in the industry, but for many women, it doesn’t even factor in (or is at least an afterthought).

More often than ever before women like yourself are becoming interested in exploring a form of male companionship and intimacy (minus the sex) known as a “platonic” male escort.

But why? What’s in it for these women, and perhaps even yourself?

Tired of the Emptiness of Dating in 2020

Dating in 2020 and beyond is an absolute mess am I right ladies? We live in an age of “hookup” culture and where digital communication (aka text, FB, IG, etc.) have replaced real and meaningful connections and conversation.

As much as technology has made it easier to “connect”, that connection is often only on the surface level and lacks the ingredients of anything fulfilling. Access to an endless number of “options” also makes it hard for individuals to actually explore understanding, empathy and work through any minor issues before throwing in the towel and simply swiping on to the next in a long line of casualties on the battlefield of love.

Platonic male escorts, by contrast, provide us with a dedication and commitment to the moment. On each session or date or outing, they are totally and fully focused on making us feel safe, comfortable, engaged, needed, wanted, and understood. Although male escorts are NOT a substitute for “dating”, and certainly are NOT meant to be a “relationship” in the traditional sense, they can fill a needed gap in your romantic and emotional life.


We’ve never been as busy as we are now. Work and careers, pets, family, extracurricular activities, and a seemingly never-ending “to do” list top the charts on why we have little to no time to form any type of meaningful relationships.

It’s true what they say ladies, making “friends” as an adult is HARD. Between work and personal obligations, matching schedules and times when we don’t just feel downright exhausted from #life, there isn’t much of an opportunity to have any companionship.

And as humans, we are emotional creatures who crave companionship in a number of ways. In fact, we need it to live a fulfilling life. Platonic male escorts provide a means to “schedule” companionship on your time, when you can, when you feel up to it, and when you need it most.

From a simple walk in the park, to a match of tennis, going to the movies, or having a romantically planned (but platonic) evening out, the options are endless and always catered to fulfill your particular needs, wants, and expectations.

Non-Sexual Physical Intimacy

Platonic doesn’t necessarily mean non-physical. For many of us, the simple act of hand-holding, a hug, or cuddling on the couch while binging our favorite Netflix shows is incredibly satisfying on a very primal and intimate level. You may have seen this on the news over the last couple years, but the need for physical (non-sexual) intimacy and human touch is so strong that a number of “cuddle” businesses have popped up around the world where you can pay by the hour to snuggle and cuddle with a partner.

Platonic male escorts are very in tune with how their clients react and what they need. Always ensuring that they (possibly you?) leave each experience feeling better than before they arrived.

Stimulating Conversation

Dates can be hit or miss. And if you go by batting averages (which I don’t even know how to calculate), I’d bet mine and yours have a lot of “misses”. That’s life. Meet a human then see if you like them. I think we can ALL agree there are few things worse than a boring conversation. We are intelligent and creative women and we deserve to have a conversation that is stimulating. Be it comedic, intellectual or philosophical, just don’t be a snoozefest, please. Platonic male escorts have the career they do for a number of reasons, not one of which is because they are boring.

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Quite the opposite. Platonic male escorts are often incredible conversationalists and expert listeners. Even better, they aren’t in it for the sex. They are in it because they genuinely care and have found a profession. Where, they can actually help people and provide value to their lives while also being able to pay their bills.

Safety and Boundaries

In the age of #MeToo, more than ever the light has been (thankfully) shined on the atrocities that women have faced for ages. This has also made us even more aware of the dangers of meeting strangers and going on “dates”. Platonic male escorts do this for a living. This is their career. Their way of putting food on their table and a roof over their head. They take their profession and duty to their clients seriously and hold themselves to an unbreachable code of ethics.

Additionally, their agency has vetted them for you, with background checks and feedback from clients. They are trained and understand their roles. Further, they ensure that any boundaries YOU put in place are adhered to at all times. Don’t want to touch or hold hands, not a problem. Are you uncomfortable with anyone sitting too close? Not an issue. Certain topics you don’t want to talk about because they are triggers? You won’t have to worry.

Closing Thoughts

Platonic male escorts can fill a broad range of needs that many women may have in today’s modern era. They provide a safe, reliable, trustworthy and fulfilling experience that is hard to achieve organically. If “sex” was the first thing that came to mind when you heard “male escort”, its time to take a closer look at what platonic male escorts have to offer. You might just surprise yourself.