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Why Do People Like Antique Jewellery?

wearing antique jewellery

Jewellery is universally liked by women in our society. Women are attracted to jewellery and many women appreciate antique and vintage jewellery. So, if you are also a jewellery lover and if you are in love with antique jewellery, then check out Carus Jewellery.

Antique jewellery is jewellery that was made at least 100 years ago, which means that  jewellery which was made before the 1920s is termed as antique.  Antique jewellery is made of precious metals and stones like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Antique jewellery is in high demand in the modern era because of the state of the art workmanship, the high-quality gems and its uniqueness.

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Antique jewellery comes in many categories such as designer and bridal wear. Jewellery was expensive years ago so most of the pieces weren’t worn daily other than a wedding ring.

Reasons For Wearing Antique Jewellery

Is Antique Jewellery A Good Investment?

The market for antique jewellery depends on what you purchase, and the value may go up in time but it could go down.

edwardian split pearl star pendant

There are many reasons why people buy antique jewellery as an investment:-

  • Firstly you should love the look of the piece to invest in it. It’s better to really like the item in case the value of the jewellery goes down although general the value will go up.
  • Secondly, many antique jewellery dealers sell their jewellery via stalls, showrooms, or online. This is reflected in the cost of the jewellery. With older jewellery, you can buy the same quality material without paying a premium to the sellers, which means you can pay 20% less than the equivalent piece made new. So, it will add excellent value.
  • The quality of antique jewellery is much better than other jewellery. It is handmade by highly skilled artisans.
  • Older diamonds can be a higher quality.

Why Do People Like Antique Jewellery?

There are many reasons why antique jewellery is liked by the customer.

Antique jewellery is unique and special, distinctive and beautiful and always individual. It is something different from the mass-produced products which are found in most jewellery shops. Antique jewellery adds allure and appeal to any outfit.  It is irresistible for those who love to collect and wear jewellery. There is a mystical beauty to antique jewellery that can’t be matched these days.

gold amethyst ring

Antique jewellery has a history behind it. Knowing someone else wore it can add to its specialness. People may have heirlooms handed down through generations. It’s beautiful when an ancestor leaves you a piece of antique jewellery. Wearing a wedding or engagement ring from a great auntie or great grandmother can be very special.

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Antique jewellery has a value that could increase in time and can be an investment.

Why Buying Antique Jewellery Is A Sustainable Choice

Antique jewellery is sustainable. When precious metals or gemstones are mined, it can damage the environment. Wearing an antique jewellery piece means that you are helping to save the environment.  When you go for antique jewellery you will not be contributing to the mass production process. So, go and buy antique jewellery which is sustainable and help save the planet too.

These pieces of jewellery are also available online, so go and browse and you may get a bargain. In summary antique jewellery is unique and special and can enhance any look.