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7 Tips To Maximize Your Brain Power


Did you know that an average human being uses only 10% of their brain? Scientists say that even those people who record very high IQs still use less than half of their brain. Only one side of the brain is often put to function. What if you could unlock the other half of it? Imagine the amount of brain power you would possess. Anyway, let us not get carry away. We have reached the times where if you are stick stuck to using just 10% of the brain then fitting in the increasingly competitive world becomes very tough. So many new inventions are available to tap into your inner brain power from the food you eat to the exercises you perform and basically your entire lifestyle. Before we get settle on the genetically modify supplement, this article will look at the natural ways to improve memory.

If there is one thing that science assures us it is that our brains can change, you can become sharp as time progresses. You can move from being the dumbest person to one of the most intelligent ones. Just like the muscle that it is, the brain needs constant exercise for optimal function. Here are best tips you did not know can improve your brain power;

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#1. Try To Do Something New

Did you know that with every new experience in your life your brain gets stimulate? Break out of your routine a couple of times as this will change your brain structure thus creating a new neutral pathway. The more neutral pathways you create the more intelligent you get so if you are the couch potato type, think of how much damage you are doing to your brain, getting out there and living a little is not just for fun but will sure make you brighter.

#2. Exercise Regularly

When we start working out, there is an image at the back of our minds of how we want to look. This helps in giving you the push and motivation you need to do the tough routines and still go back to the gym even when all the muscles in your body hurt. What if you were to be given more motivation to hit it even harder at the gym? Yes, regular exercise increases our brain power. You probably know this considering most people workout to release stress. The science behind this is that regular exercise enhances neurogenesis such that every time you exercise, you are creating new brain cells that increase your brain function.

#3. Think Positive

Optimists have a higher brain performance than optimists. The more positive you are the motivate and psych up about life you will be. This means that stress, anxiety and depression will not have room in your brain. Scientists say that high stress levels kill existing brain neurons and inhibit the production of more neuron so if you can reverse this by positive thinking, you will end up with dramatically multiplied neurons that are vital for cognitive performance.

#4. Eat Healthy

What we eat directly reflects on our brain function. The diet plays a tremendous role in the brain activity as the brain consumes up to 20% of the nutrients and oxygen that we breathe in. Every time you eat remember that you are feeding your brain and ensure that you maintain a balanced diet at all costs. Try and balance your nutrients because the deficiency of one means a slowed down mental performance.

#5. Get Enough Sleep

This is perhaps the oldest in the book of brain power. Getting your REM sleep regularly gives your brain enough time to recharge and be ready to be more productive once you wake up. When you are sleeping, your body is able to regenerate cells and get rid of built up toxins. It is important that you get on a healthy sleep pattern and stick to it.

#6. Engage Your Brain

Read a book, ban the calculator or disable all the apps that make you lazy and try to figure out the answers using your own brain, this will jog up the brain.

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#7. Use Brain Supplements

The use of a natural and effective brain supplement is the best thing you can ever do to your brain and I shall go ahead and recommend brain supplement. This is a multi-action that helps you jump-start your brain in several ways using natural ingredients. That have been scientifically researched and proven to be beneficial to the brain. With brain supplement you cannot go wrong, you get an improved memory recall, mental clarity, enhanced focus levels and a faster thinking brain. What is even better is that in just 90 days you will reap the maximum benefits of this supplement.


You do not have to be rich to be able to improve brain power. You should stay away from any kind of stress and anxiety to keep your brain relaxed and with positive thoughts. Follow the above mention ways and you too will soon be able to get more done than ever before to improve your brain power.